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Trump’s inaction on stimulus bill leaves Georgia’s GOP runoff candidates in awkward spot

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President Donald Trump's waffling over the $ 900 billion Covid relief package, which he has yet to sign, is leaving his fellow Republicans in Georgia in a tough spot as they fight to maintain control of the US Sena...

Pro-Maduro-kandidate wen beheer oor die Venezolaanse kongres na betwiste verkiesing

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Candidates supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have secured control of the national congress, the electoral board said on Monday, after a parliamentary election which opposition leaders boycotted over acc...

Why editorial boards should stop endorsing presidential candidates

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Dinsdagaand, The New York Times endorsed Joe Biden for president. Behalwe, not really. What actually happened was that The New York Times editorial board endorsed Biden's presidential candidacy. In the writeup ...

Pence team objects to plexiglass being installed for both candidates at VP debate

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Mike Pence does not want plexiglass barriers around him at the vice presidential debate against Kamala Harris on Wednesday, a top aide to the vice president told CNN on Tuesday, rebuffing an announcement from the Co...

GOP candidates turn to their families to deflect Democratic attacks on health care

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The Republican quest to protect the Senate majority has become a family affair. Over the past month, Sen. Van Georgië. David Perdue's sister, Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner's mother and Michigan Senate Republican candidate J...