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Thousands march for LGBT equality in Polish capital

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Thousands marched through central Warsaw on Saturday in an "Equality Parade" demanding an end to discrimination against the LGBT community, amid what campaigners say has been a rising tide of homophobia in Poland in...

US Navy christens only warship named for a foreign capital

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A bottle of wine was broken across a mass of gray steel in Mobile, Alabama, op Saterdag, as the United States Navy unveiled the only ship in its fleet to be named after a foreign capital. The USS Canberra -- named f...

Meer as 200 injured after two trains collide in Malaysian capital

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Meer as 200 people were injured in Malaysia on Monday when two trains collided in the capital Kuala Lumpur, the state-run Bernama news agency reported. The accident occurred at 8:45 nm. local time when one of th...

Jewish man reports assault with slur in Germany’s capital

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A Berlin police news release said the 41-year-old man wearing a traditional skullcap, or kippa, passed three other men in Duerer Square at about 2:15 am. One of three punched him in the face, knocking him against a ...

Bom maak ten minste dood 30 naby meisies’ skool in die Afghaanse hoofstad

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Ambulanse het die gewondes ontruim terwyl familielede en inwoners op owerhede geskree het naby die ontploffingstoneel by die Syed Al-Shahda-skool, in die buurt Dasht-e-Barchi, Woordvoerder van die ministerie van binnelandse sake, Tariq Arian, in ...

Oklahoma named new lightning capital of America

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While the Sunshine State's claim has long been undisputed, new weather data suggests that's no longer the case. NASIONALE WEERVOORSPELLING: RECORD-BREAKING TEMPERATURES POSSIBLE IN EAST Meteorologists at the Finland...

Iceland reports a volcanic eruption near the capital of Reykjavík

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Iceland has reported a volcanic eruption on the southwest Reykjanes Peninsula, the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) tweeted Friday. "Volcanic eruption has begun in Fagradalsfjall. Flight color code is red but ...

Mississippi capital aims to lift boil water notice still in effect for 43,000 connections after February storms

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Many Jackson, Mississippi residents may finally return to a sense of normalcy regarding their water supply, which has remained strained since the capital was struck by severe winter storms in February. While water h...

Nigerian startup Flutterwave secures $170 million in capital injections from investors, now valued at over $1 miljard

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Flutterwave, an African fintech startup has secured $ 170 million in capital injections from investors, the firm said in a statement Wednesday. The new capital flows -- facilitated by "a leading group of internatio...

Car bomb explodes in Somalia’s capital, doodmaak ten minste 20 mense

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Mogadishu, Somalia At least 20 people were killed and more than 30 others wounded in a car bomb blast in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Friday night, police and emergency services said. A car packed with explosives ...

Die polisiebeampte van Dallas staan ​​tereg op twee aanklagte van hoofmoord

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'N Polisiebeampte van Dallas word daarvan beskuldig dat hy aangebied het om 'n ander persoon te betaal om twee mense te ontvoer en dood te maak 2017, Eddie García, polisiehoof in Dallas, het Donderdag aangekondig. Beampte Bryan Riser, 'n 12-jarige veteraan van die departement..

SoftBank-backed Greensill Capital is on the brink. 50,000 jobs could be at risk

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Londen (CNN Besigheid)The future of Greensill Capital, a UK financial startup backed by SoftBank (SFTBF), has been thrown into doubt after German regulators shuttered a bank it operates, the latest twist in an unfoldi...

Ongoing siege following car explosion at hotel gate in Somalia’s capital

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Mogadishu, Somalia Somalia security forces are fighting armed gunmen to end a siege at a hotel in the east African country's capital Mogadishu on Sunday, volgens die polisie. Somalia Fast Facts A car bomb explod...

Tens of thousands of farmers swarm India’s capital to protest deregulation rules

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New Delhi Tens of thousands of farmers have swarmed India's capital where they intend to camp out for weeks to protest new agricultural laws that they say could destroy their livelihoods. Farmers from the nearby sta...

Turkmenistan’s authoritarian leader unveils huge golden dog statue in the capital

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Turkmenistan's longtime leader has unveiled a giant gilded statue of a dog on a busy traffic circle in the capital Ashgabat. Depicted standing proudly on a plinth, the gold-coated canine is an Alabai, a Turkmen-bred ...

Protesters and vigilantes scuffle in Kyrgyzstan capital as political crisis festers

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Anti-government protesters scuffled with vigilante groups in Kyrgyzstan's capital of Bishkek overnight, after authorities in the Central Asian nation annulled parliamentary election results, local news website