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Kristi Noem hits Biden on rising meat prices with ‘attack on capitalism

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BIDEN ADMIN ROILED BY CRISES ON AFGHANISTAN, BORDER, INFLATION, COVID – BUT HEADS YET TO ROLL GOV. KRISTI NOEM, R-SD: He's willing to go out there and spend more money and pursue other ideas and not just do the basi...

Houston Rockets owner: ‘Our great Capitalism will come to an endif Dems pass unrealized gains tax

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Fertitta, who also owns the Landry's restaurant group and other properties, vertel "Fox News Primetime" that the supply chain crisis coupled with inflation and a labor shortage is doing lasting damage to the United Sta...

Vivek Ramaswamy warns ‘woke capitalismcould give China an advantage over US in Fox News special

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Ramaswamy told Pompeo that China is "understanding the kinks in the armor in the American system" to their advantage. He says one of the kinks in the armor is the "woke movement" and its impact on "racial identity po...

Whether it’s rainbow capitalism or bad design, LGBTQ people are calling out disingenuous Pride merchandise

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Elke jaar, on the first breath of summer, Pride collections emerge like a horde of brightly-colored locusts. They blanket every storefront and Instagram feed in June, promising solidarity and celebration for LGBTQ ...

Na 'n lang gewag, Kuba maak die deur oop vir meer kapitalisme

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Havana Cuba het die naweek 'n langverwagte en waarskynlik onomkeerbare stap geneem om die private sektor van die eiland massief uit te brei. Op Saterdag, Die kommunistiese regering van Kuba het aangekondig dat Kubane binnekort 'n ...