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Watters: The left is trying ‘capitalizeon the Buffalo, NY shooting to divide the country

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JESSE WATTERS: Not Waukesha or Brooklyn. What do you think the difference is? Bene, we know what the difference is. Both of those shooters were black supremacists with black nationalist ideologies, both equally as re...

Hannity: Hostile US adversaries are preparing to capitalize on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline

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Il "Hannity" host slammed Biden for his mishandling of the Afghanistan debacle in his opening monologue, calling it a testament to the administration's ability to protect U.S. interests across the globe. "The world...

Chiefs capitalize on lucky breaks, stop sky from falling with win over Giants

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Lunedì sera, the Kansas City Chiefs had a little bit of luck on their side thanks to numerous New York Giants miscues and somehow pulled out a 20-17 vittoria. On the final drive, a Patrick Mahomes interception was...

I santi capitalizzano su Seahawks’ errori per 13-10 vincere

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Alvin Kamara ha portato il carico per New Orleans e Jameis Winston ha fatto una manciata di giocate quando necessario, ma i Saints sono fuggiti da Seattle soprattutto grazie a una serie di errori grossolani della squadra di casa, guidato dal quarterback di riserva ...

Bucks capitalize on hot start to roll past Heat 132-98

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Milwaukee shot 22 di 53 from 3-point range – including 15 di 29 in the first half – and never trailed while leading by as many as 36 punti. The Bucks' 22 3-pointers were their highest total ever in a playoff game. F ...

Blinken warns US is falling behind China in race to capitalize on climate opportunities

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Washington US Secretary of State Tony Blinken said that "coming up short" in efforts to address climate change "will have major repercussions" for US national security and its economy, warning that the country is fal...