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Ilhan Omar and Democratic members urge Biden to act swiftly on raising refugee caps: ‘Lives depend on it

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A group of progressive Democrats is urging the Biden administration to act quickly to raise refugee caps put in place by the former Trump administration, warning that "lives depend on it." "We were relieved to see...

Bernie Madoff death caps unbelievably tragic ‘mixed story’: Gasparino

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CHARLIE GASPARINO: It's a mixed story and it's an unbelievable tragedy. I covered Bernie Madoff before he was outed as running a multi-gazillion dollar Ponzi scheme when he was best known, essentially for, creating t...

Mantha shines in debut, Ovechkin scores as Caps rout Flyers

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The East Division-leading Capitals went 3 vir 3 on the power play as part of another offensive outburst. They routed the banged-up Boston Bruins 8-1 Sunday night on the eve of the trade deadline. They gave up skilled...

Caps roll 8-1 in Chara’s 1st game in front of Bruins fans

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Conor Sheary and Lars Eller each also scored twice, and Tom Wilson and Nic Dowd each had one of the season-high goals scored by the Capitals in their first victory in regulation against Boston this season. The Bruins...

‘WandaVision’ maak Marvel se weergawe van 'n liefdesverhaal af in 'n emosionele finale

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Die volgende bevat spoilers oor die "WandaVision" finale. As "Die Mandalorian" is die "Star Wars" weergawe van 'n western, "WandaVision" was, uiteindelik, Marvel neem 'n liefdesverhaal aan. Tog in ooreenstemming met die metgesel ...