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Andrew Brown Jr. search warrant: Drug deals captured on camera weeks before fatal police shooting

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Brown's family and their attorneys entered the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office Monday afternoon to be privately shown the body camera footage of the shooting – following a two-hour delay that Pasquotank County Att...

Georgia fugitive captured in Alabama after 3 years on the run for murder of ex-girlfriend

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Maurice Nesbitt, 43, fled on the final day of his trial in October 2017, según las autoridades, cutting off his electronic ankle monitor while out on bond for the murder of 34-year-old Rashawn Jackson. AUSTIN SHOO...

Suspect captured in shooting of Texas police officer during traffic stop

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Jerry Don Elders, 39, is believed to have shot the police officer three times at about 4:15 soy. Wednesday in Burleson, sobre 13 miles south of Fort Worth, Burleson police said. He was one of three occupants of the v...

Jupiter and Saturn’s great conjunction captured in stunning images

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Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in our solar system, came closer together than they have been in 400 years on Monday. This great conjunction made a bright splash in the night sky and was captured around...

‘Unprecedentedhigh-res image of sunspot captured by new solar telescope

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Sunspots -- dark areas on the sun -- help scientists track activity on the surface of our solar system's star. These dark spots are the origin point for the explosive flares and ejections that release light, solar m...

Rockefeller, the tiny owl that captured our hearts, is back in the wild

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There may have been mixed feelings about the Rockefeller Christmas tree this year, but there was nothing of the sort for the tiny, adorable owl that was found in it. Rocoso -- short for her nickname of "Rockefeller"...

Florida wildlife officials captured a 10-foot-long python that had snaked its way into a Ford Mustang

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There are lots of reasons that the check engine light could come on in a Ford Mustang, but a big, honkin' snake curled up under the hood is probably not in the service manual. Wildlife officers were called to a busi...

Second giant ‘murder hornetescapes after it was captured by scientists in Washington

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Otro "asesinato" hornet that could have led scientists to its nest has evaded experts once more, following a lost signal. La semana pasada, scientists with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)captured a li...

Seattle police officer captured on video riding his bicycle over a protester’s head placed on leave

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A Seattle police officer captured on video rolling his bicycle over the head of a protester who was laying in the street is now on administrative leave. The Seattle Police Department said in a statement Thursday th...

Un año de viajes gratis en metro para un hombre que persiguió y capturó al sospechoso de descarrilamiento de tren

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Después de perseguir y capturar a un sospechoso presuntamente responsable de descarrilar un tren subterráneo, un hombre recibe un año de viajes gratis, la Autoridad de Transporte Metropolitano dijo el miércoles. "Las acciones de Rikien Wilder para ....

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