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Send a birthday card to the oldest living WWII veteran in the US as he turns 111

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The oldest living American to serve in World War II is turning 111 años, and you can join the celebration. Lawrence Brooks served as a support worker in the predominantly Black American 91st Engineer Battalion ...

Neymar handed two-match ban for red card as investigation is launched after his racism allegation

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Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar has been handed a two-game ban for the red card he received in his side's defeat by Marseille, French football's governing body announced on Wednesday. The 28-year-old was sent of...

Missing credit card payments may be an early sign of dementia, estudio dice

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Patterns of missing credit card and loan payments could be an early indicator of dementia years before diagnosis, a new study says. El estudio, published Monday in the medical journal JAMA, looked at Medicare patien...

Prince William and Kate Middleton release family Christmas card photo

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London A new family portrait of William and Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and their three children, Jorge, Charlotte and Louis, has been released for their official Christmas card this year. The phot...

George W.. Bush sends holiday card with pointed message as Trump denies election loss

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Washington Former President George W. Bush has sent out holiday cards with a pointed message about a hopeful new year as President Donald Trump continues to deny his election loss. The card, which was obtained by CN...

UK spy agency challenges ‘wise men and womento solve Christmas card puzzle

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London The UK's largest spy agency GCHQ has sent out its annual Christmas card complete with a brainteaser. Try and solve the puzzle by completing a series of letter sequences, then fill in your answers on the specia...

Meghan and Prince Harry share Christmas card starring little Archie

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released a family Christmas card featuring their 18-month-old son Archie in his first public image in months. In the card, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex focus their attention on a lig...

Republicans still have one big card to play this year

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There's no question that Republicans are not in a good spot politically at the moment. Not only are they out of power in the White House, the Senate and the House, they are in the early stages of a civil war between...

An autographed Tom Brady rookie card got auctioned for $555,988

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A Tom Brady rookie football card signed by the superstar quarterback has been auctioned on eBay for $ 555,988. Hay 2000 Playoff Contenders card shows Brady with the NFL's New England Patriots and is rated as a...

Sacerdote de Minnesota subasta colección de tarjetas de béisbol para caridad

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Quieres más inspirador, noticias positivas? Regístrese para The Good Stuff, un boletín para el bien de la vida. Iluminará tu bandeja de entrada todos los sábados por la mañana.. El padre John Ubel ha estado coleccionando tarjetas de béisbol durante 50 y...

La infraestructura de EE. UU. Obtiene una calificación ligeramente mejor en los ingenieros’ boleta de calificaciones: C-

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La infraestructura de Estados Unidos recibió una calificación general de C- de la Sociedad Estadounidense de Ingenieros Civiles, según el grupo 2021 Boleta de calificaciones, lanzado el miércoles. El cuadro de mando -- que la sociedad ha lanzado e ...

La tarjeta de novato de Tom Brady se vende por récord $1.32 millón

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La tarjeta coleccionable más cara de la historia del fútbol, una tarjeta de novato de Tom Brady, se ha vendido por $ 1.32 millón. El CEO y cofundador de FitBit, James Park, realizó la compra. "Viví en Boston por 10 años y también soy un gran f ...

La rara tarjeta de novato de Kobe Bryant se vende por casi $1.8 millón

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Una rara tarjeta de novato de Kobe Bryant se vendió por más de $ 1.795 millones el sábado, "un récord de todos los tiempos" para cualquier tarjeta Bryant, según las subastas Goldin, una casa de subastas en línea. La tarjeta de comercio de Topps es un cromo..

You should think twice before laminating your vaccine card

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Vaccine eligibility in the US is expanding quickly, and so is the popularity of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's little white card. While plans to establish standardized vaccination proof are still ...

Illinois gymnast celebrates landing with coronavirus vaccination card

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Illinois finished in fourth at the men’s gymnastics event and it was capped off by Evan Manivong’s performance in the vault category. He got a running start, leaped through the air and stuck the landing. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ F ...

Illinois gymnast shows off Covid-19 vaccination card after sticking the landing

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A member of the University of Illinois Men's Gymnastics team celebrated his vault landing by showing off his Covid-19 vaccination card. After Evan Manivong stuck his landing during the team's meet against Minnesota ...

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