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Herschel Walker said there are 52 stati. Should we care?

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All'inizio di questa settimana, Herschel Walker made a mistake. Talking about Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams' assertion that the state is the worst one to live in, Walker said this during an appearance on "The C...

Greg Gutfeld: The left doesn’t care about crime

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GREG GUTFELD: WE NEED LESS DIVISION IN AMERICA As of today, five major US cities are on track to break their already impressive homicide figures. Kudos go out to L.A., D.C., Baltimora, Milwaukee e Atlanta, where th...

Hannity on rising crime: ‘Where are the big city Democrats that claim to care so much about gun violence?’

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SEAN HANNITY: Just the latest example of dangerous and difficult decision's police officers must make on a daily basis. Unfortunately anti-police rhetoric, defund, smantellare, no-bail, is fueling more and more violent...

World’s mental health care needs urgent makeover: CHI

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"Everyone’s life touches someone with a mental health condition. Good mental health translates to good physical health and this new report makes a compelling case for change," said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adh...

Agli scolari dell'Alaska è stato servito sigillante per pavimenti invece del latte in un programma di assistenza all'infanzia, compresa la presa di ostaggi del mese scorso

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Dodici bambini delle scuole elementari hanno bevuto il sigillante per pavimenti credendo che fosse latte dopo che era stato servito agli studenti in un programma di assistenza all'infanzia a Juneau, Alaska, martedì, secondo il distretto scolastico. Studenti in una estate...

Republican candidates with January 6 ties are winning primaries for competitive House seats. Will voters care in November?

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A string of Republican candidates who attended the "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington and marched to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, are winning or could win primaries in competitive congressional districts, di...

3 Le famiglie del Texas fanno causa per le indagini dello stato sulle cure che affermano il genere come potenziale "abuso sui minori".’

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Tre famiglie del Texas hanno intentato una causa contestando le indagini dello stato sui genitori che forniscono ai loro figli transgender procedure sanitarie che affermano il genere, secondo gli avvocati per loro conto...

Sean Hannity: Democrats seemingly only care about political violence when politically advantageous

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SEAN HANNITY: Qualcuno, perhaps one of their lackeys inside the Supreme Court, leaked the court's abortion decision, or at least a draft of one, in an unprecedented effort to unleash an angry mob against the court. Un...

Gov. Ron DeSantis to WaPo, ‘legacy media’ after ‘smear’ attempt: ‘We don’t care what you think anymore’

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At an appearance in West Palm Beach, DeSantis was asked about a recent piece from the Washington Post that accused his press secretary Christina Pushaw of potentially violating the Foreign Agents Registration (GRATUITO) ...

Sean Hannity: Democrats only care about gun violence when politically expedient, want to ‘usurp’ diritti

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TIRO A SCUOLA TEXAS: UVALDE MAYOR SAYS LOCAL POLICE DID NOT MISLEAD ANYONE ABOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT RESPONSE SEAN HANNITY: We do continue to pray for the families in Uvalde and every other city. They'll never be the s...

Jesse Watters: A Biden non interessano le sparatorie di massa nei centri urbani americani

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JESSE WATTERS: Quello di cui non ci aspettiamo di sentire molto stasera è la violenza nei centri urbani americani. La maggior parte delle sparatorie di massa che hanno avuto luogo - le sparatorie di massa sono definite come sparatorie in cui quattro o più persone..

NYC Mayor Adams too busy ‘trying to keep up with the Kardashiansto care about rampant crime: Curtis Sliwa

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In the latest subway incident, a man was videotaped tugging at a woman's hair on a Brooklyn-bound J train. Bystanders either filmed or moved away, declining to intervene before the suspect stood up, shouted profaniti...

WaPo column touts opening of clinic for ‘later abortion care’ after SCOTUS leak, calls it a ‘lifeline’

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Morgan Nuzzo, a nurse-midwife and co-founder of Partners in Abortion Care, began her column talking about her "plan for the Bad Day in June," cioè. the day the Supreme Court officially releases its abortion ruling and...

Biden doesn’t ‘actually care’ about Americans amid inflation surge, Michigan Rep. Lisa McClain warns

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TWITTER REACTS TO JEFF BEZOS TORCHING BIDEN'S LATEST PLAN TO TACKLE INFLATION: 'DANG THEY LOST JEFF' REP. LISA MCCLAIN: I have never met a man that is so out of touch, and if [Biden's] really looking for solutions, IO...

Suo. Bill Hagerty: We’re rushing to take care of problems overseas

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SUO. BILL HAGERTY: We have pressing problems right here at home that we're not addressing… You've got people in Memphis that can't find formula for their children. People in Knoxville, they can't gas their tank up be...

Watters: Biden’s admin could not care less about America’s problems and the people it promised to serve

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JESSE WATTERS: Washington is proving once again that they could not care less about your problems, about the people they promised to serve. Oggi, our elected officials celebrated the passing of a $ 40 billion aid p...