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Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina will be youngest member of Congress in modern history, Proyectos de CNN

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A 25 años, Madison Cawthorn will become the youngest member of Congress in modern history, according to US House records. CNN projects the Republican will beat Democrat Moe Davis for North Carolina's 11th Con...

Beach ball-sized jellyfish capable of damaging boats spotted in South Carolina

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Wildlife officials in South Carolina are asking boaters to keep their eyes peeled for an invasive species of jellyfish that can grow to beach ball size and are big enough to damage boats and fishing equipment. The S...

Republican Lindsey Graham defeats well-funded Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison in South Carolina

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South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham will return to the Senate for a fourth term after defeating Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, Proyectos de CNN. Harrison gained attention for raising huge amounts of mo...

North Carolina county launches ‘doses to doorsvaccine campaign

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"They don’t move that fast to help people when they know a hurricane is coming," un usuario de Twitter escribió. The program, which has a health professional on standby to administer a vaccine to eligible residents who wan...

Four dead, two missing after flooding in North Carolina

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At least four people have died and 31 have been rescued after heavy rains inundated Alexander County in the western Piedmont region of North Carolina, funcionarios dijeron el jueves. Three bodies were recovered at the Hid...

Tom Dundon now sole owner of Carolina Hurricanes

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The league’s board of governors unanimously approved the transaction Wednesday. "We are fortunate to have a passionate fan base that supports what we believe is a team that can compete every year for the Stanley Cup....

A North Carolina couple married for over 50 years died minutes apart of Covid-19 while holding hands

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A couple married for over 50 years died of coronavirus only minutes apart holding hands. Johnny Lee Peoples, 67, and his wife Cathy "Darlene" Pueblos, 65 started feeling symptoms at the beginning of August, but wou...

Asesinatos dobles de Murdaugh: South Carolina investigators release harrowing 911 llamadas

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Newly released 911 calls reveal the harrowing first moments after Murdaugh discovered his 22-year-old son, Paul, and 52-year-old wife, Maggie, on the ground. The recordings were released Thursday, weeks after Fox New...

North Carolina child dies from rare brain infection linked to swim in private pond

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The illness took the child's life Friday following a swim in a pond near her home earlier this month, the state Department of Health and Human Resources said. The amoeba that caused the sickness is naturally present ...

Reps. Madison Cawthorn golpea libs’ "Tácticas de puerta trasera pantanosas’ en un discurso sorpresa ante la junta escolar de Carolina del Norte

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Cawthorn, quien nació en en el condado, habló como cualquier otro ciudadano durante la parte de comentarios públicos, y comenzó diciéndoles a los miembros de la junta que "encajar" en Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA. "Aunque eso es humoro ....

A 28-year-old elementary school teacher dies of coronavirus in South Carolina

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An elementary school teacher died of coronavirus complications a week into the start of the school year in South Carolina. Demetria Bannister was diagnosed with the virus Friday and died Monday. The 28-year-old had...

2 people who attended Trump’s rally in North Carolina have tested positive for coronavirus

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Two people who attended one of President Donald Trump's recent rallies in North Carolina have tested positive for the coronavirus. The Gaston County Health & Human Services Department said in a statement Thursda...

Accidente de barco fatal de Murdaugh: Los videos muestran las secuelas del incidente que involucró a un hombre de Carolina del Sur que luego fue asesinado

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Las autoridades de Carolina del Sur todavía están tratando de determinar quién mató al joven de 22 años y a su madre Maggie Murdaugh, quienes son miembros de una prominente familia legal, fuera de su extensa 1,700 casa de acres en Islandt ...

Police used pepper spray to break up a North Carolina march to a polling place

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Law enforcement officers used pepper spray on Saturday to break up a march to a polling place in Graham, Carolina del Norte. According to a statement from the Graham Police Department, officers pepper sprayed the ground...

Decades after Klansmen killed 5 during protest, a North Carolina city’s apology comes too late for some

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Rvdo. Nelson Johnson remembers marching in Greensboro in 1979 and the protest's deadly outcome. That's why he's been fighting for decades for an apology. Sobre 40 años después, the North Carolina city has formally apo...

Deshaun Watson quiere canjear a Miami, pero aceptará a Carolina

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Watson, que tiene una cláusula de no intercambio en su contrato actual, tiene voz fuerte sobre con qué socio comercial potencial pueden lidiar los Houston Texans para mover a su mariscal de campo de Pro Bowl. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA..

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