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North Carolina man picks up over 8 million pieces of trash, wins hearts on TikTok

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One man in North Carolina is creating the change he wants to see in the world by cleaning up trash across the Tar Heel State. The environmentalist has picked up over 8 million pieces of litter to date, drawing a foll...

2 people who attended Trump’s rally in North Carolina have tested positive for coronavirus

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Two people who attended one of President Donald Trump's recent rallies in North Carolina have tested positive for the coronavirus. The Gaston County Health & Human Services Department said in a statement Thursda...

Investigadores de Carolina del Sur publican el cronograma del doble asesinato de la madre, hijo

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Paul Murdaugh, 22, y su madre, 52-Maggie Murdaugh, de un año, fueron encontrados muertos a tiros cerca de las perreras en la finca de la familia del condado de Colleton en la noche de junio 7. El padre, R. Alexander Murdaugh Sr., calle...

North Carolina elementary school teacher dies days after testing positive for Covid-19

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A third-grade teacher died in North Carolina days after testing positive for Covid-19 and while her students were quarantined as a result of the exposure. Julie Davis, who taught at Norwood Elementary School in Stan...

An investigation is underway into the arrest of two siblings in South Carolina that was caught on video

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After a video was shared on social media showing the arrests Wednesday of two siblings by police in Rock Hill, Carolina del Sur, state law enforcement officials are looking into the circumstances which have sparked tw...

October surprise and a Covid-19 diagnosis rock the race for US Senate seat in North Carolina

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It was just another Friday in the race for the US Senate seat in North Carolina until a double October surprise threatened to upend one of the most expensive Senate races in the country. Democratic candidate Cal Cu...

La policía confirma el tiroteo y el encierro en una escuela secundaria en Winston-Salem, Carolina del Norte

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Una escuela secundaria en la ciudad de Winston-Salem en Carolina del Norte está cerrada después de un tiroteo reportado, dijo la policía de la ciudad el miércoles por la tarde. El tiroteo ocurrió en Mount Tabor High School, La policía de Winston-Salem dijo que no..

South Carolina elementary school teacher arrested after student picks marijuana edibles from reward box, policías

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Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, faces possession of a Schedule I drug charge. She turned herself into authorities Friday, the Lexington County Sheriff's Department said. Authorities opened an investigation into the matte...

In this North Carolina town, the hills are alive with the sound of hollerin

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Learn more about the tradition of hollerin' in the latest episode of Great Big Story, a new podcast from CNN about the surprising stories all around us. In the American South, in the tiny town of Spivey's Corner, ...

123 años después, Un hombre negro de Carolina del Norte asesinado en una masacre recibe un funeral

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Joshua Halsey fue asesinado en noviembre 1898 masacre de negros en Wilmington, Carolina del Norte, por supremacistas blancos. En sábado, 123 años después, Halsey fue honrada con un funeral. Gravedad sin marcar de Halsey..

A South Carolina professor who died last year left $350,000 to the school she worked at

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A professor who died last year left $ 350,000 to the university where she worked for more than four decades. Linda Hill worked an assistant professor of English at Claflin University in Orangeburg, Carolina del Sur,...

21 charged in drug operation on 3 university campuses in North Carolina

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Twenty-one people have been charged with dealing drugs on and around college campuses after federal officials uncovered a massive drug ring involving students at three North Carolina universities, federal officials ...

A small town in North Carolina is installing a cannon to get rid of vultures

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A small town in North Carolina is planning to install a propane cannon on top of a high school in order to combat vultures that have been gathering in the area. The town will use a cannon to try and keep vultures...

North Carolina man latest to be identified as John Wayne Gacy victim

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Francis Wayne Alexander would have been 21 o 22 years old when Gacy killed him sometime between early 1976 and early 1977, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said at a news conference announcing the identification of Alex...

South Carolina awards Staley 7-year, $22.4 millones de contrato

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Staley and the school announced a new, seven-year contract that will pay her $ 2.9 million this season and grow to $ 3.5 million in the final season. She also believes the $ 22.4 million deal should make an impact...

North Carolina can count votes received 9 days after Election Day, Reglas de la Corte Suprema

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The Supreme Court allowed the counting of ballots in North Carolina received up to nine days after the election as long as the ballots are postmarked by Election Day, a victory for Democrats in another key state. Re...