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Adam Carolla rips Prince Harry for bashing America in United Nations address: ‘Colossal blowhard’

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PRINCE HARRY WINS LATEST LEGAL BATTLE AGAINST UK'S MAIL ON SUNDAY OVER ‘DEFAMATORY’ STORY ADAM CAROLLA: He's just such a colossal blowhard. But bigger picture, it's just easier to make fun of the United States for ev...

Adam Carolla on Gavin Newsom’s latest hypocrisy: ‘Even he doesn’t believe anything he says’

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ADAM CAROLLA: I live under Gavin Newsom’s thumb. If I lived with him, I would have killed myself years ago. Number one. Number two, let’s just really distill this down. There’s a travel ban against Montana because Mo...

Adam Carolla scorches progressives for wanting to ‘police your ideas:’ ‘Insidious’

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Carolla made a powerful observation on how American culture has changed during a June 20 interview on the podcast "The Truth with Lisa Boothe." Carolla recounted how back when he "started in radio in the mid-90s," la...

America’s focus on racism is ‘hurting the country’: Adam Carolla

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"It used to be ‘bring us the best and the brightest’" said Carolla. "Now it's 'bring us the least-Whitest.'" "It's a constant obsession in 2022 of a problem that has essentially been solved years ago, and it's hurtin...

Adam Carolla torches comedy industry for becoming ‘popularity contest’

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"For some reason, comedy used to be a counter-culture thing, used to push back against the man. … At some point comedy turned into a popularity contest when it used to be a contest of who can make the most people thi...

Adam Carolla: China, Russia likely ‘delighted’ US intel and military focusing on ‘wokeness’ over preparedness

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The 52-page report from the agency, led by Biden appointee Avril Haines, featured several examples of stock imagery. The name of the primary stock photo, available on Shutterstock, is "Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Offi...

Adam Carolla blasts cancel culture: Progressives now advocating for things not long ago considered ‘Orwellian’

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Carolla specifically cited attempts in California to change school curriculums to ensure equality and rhetoric from far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., as things that would have been considered "bizarre" ...