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Texas National Guard soldiers fired upon across border by suspected cartel gunmen, authorities say

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The soldiers were in Roma, Texas when two shots were fired from across the border, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.  The suspected shooters are believed to be gunmen from a drug cartel. The incident occurr...

Fox News’ Bill Melugin, crew capture cartel gunfire into US: ‘This was remarkable’

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Melugin witnessed the gunfire firsthand, calling it "remarkable" Friday on "America's Newsroom." He said National Guard members were unsure whether it was a cartel shootout or just an intimidation tactic.  National G...

Pete Hegseth: Government is an ‘extension of the cartel pipeline’ amid worsening border crisis

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PETE HEGSETH: The only people doing taking "brutal and inappropriate measures against innocent people" are the Mexican cartels who are trafficking these people for cash. But the White House never mentions that — beca...

Mexico drug cartel threatens prominent news anchor

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Mexico City One of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels has threatened a prominent Mexican news anchor in a video message. In the video posted on Monday, a masked man claiming to be the leader of the Jalisco New Gen...

A Mexican cartel ambush left members of a Mormon family dead; now Lara Logan sits down with the survivors

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The children who survived the massacre sat down with Fox Nation on 'Lara Logan Investigates' to share their story of survival and healing.  Survivor Kylie Langford told Fox Nation's Lara Logan that she was sitting in...

Lauren Appell: COVID unmasked the public education cartel and teachers, school boards, unions can’t handle it

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The elephant in the room is that it was COVID that opened the eyes of parents, exposing the corrupt teacher union/educrat monopoly plaguing public education. I call it the "education cartel." It's comprised of teache...

Lara Logan says ‘exceptionally well-trained’ Mexican cartel is a ‘real threat’

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WV AG MORRISEY SOUNDS ALARM ON FENTANYL OVERDOSE SURGE, POINTS TO BIDEN BORDER POLICIES "They are exceptionally well trained. Their name is the Elite Group and what they are are enforcers for Cartel Jalisco Nueva Gen...

Los Angeles records largest drug bust in sheriff’s department history, Mexican cartel activity suspected

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Just north of L.A. in Antelope Valley, California, officials tracked down, identified and destroyed 70 to 80 outhouses filled with illegal marijuana plots in the open desert. The department brought in massive bulldoz...

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Drugs, cartel members and gangs coming across the border

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: Rightfully, there’s been a lot of attention on the children that have come across the border because it’s such a catastrophic humanitarian thing to witness, but…the other part of the story is who...