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Inentende dokter in Los Angeles gediagnoseer met COVID-19, waarsku oor deurbraakgevalle: verslag doen

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jakkals 11 berig dat Choi in kwarantyn is om die virus te beveg. Die verslag het daarop gewys dat sy vrou - wat ook ingeënt is - ook met die siekte gediagnoseer is. "Selfs as ek vandag daaraan dink, Dis gek," hy het vertel...

Nieu-Mexiko waarsku teen wondbotulisme onder dwelmgebruikers ná verskeie vermeende gevalle

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Gemiddeld, oor 20 mense in die VS. word elke jaar met wondbotulisme gediagnoseer. Die meeste pasiënte rapporteer dat die vel teer of swart teer heroïne verskyn, maar die direkte skakel na die kiem is onduidelik, Volgens die ...

CDC warns about spike in RSV cases across South

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A common cold virus called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is spreading across the South, causing an unusual wave of late spring disease, the US Centers for Disease Control and prevention said Thursday. The CDC i...

40 jare terug, the first cases of AIDS were reported in the US

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On June 5, 1981, a curious report appeared in the Center for Disease Control's weekly public health digest: Five young, gay men across Los Angeles had been diagnosed with an unusual lung infection known as Pneumocys...

UK authorizes J&J COVID-19 vaccine as virus cases edge up

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The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said the single-dose vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson met "the expected standards of safety, quality and effectiveness." The authorization takes the number...

Obama sê 'institusionele rol’ beperk sy kommentaar op die sake van Ferguson en Trayvon Martin terwyl president

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Voormalige president Barack Obama het Woensdag besin oor die frustrasie wat hy in sy amp gevoel het toe hy "institusionele rol" beperk sy vermoë om kommentaar te lewer op federale ondersoeke na die dood van Trayvo..

Democrats slammed by conservatives over renewed court-packing threats if cases don’t go their way

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Several Democratic senators ramped up their calls this week to pack the Supreme Court should the judicial body uphold a Mississippi abortion law they say will be a massive blow to the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wa...

New COVID-19 cases plummet to lowest levels since last June

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As cases, hospitalizations and deaths steadily dropped this week, pre-pandemic life in America has largely resumed. Hugs and unmasked crowds returned to the White House, a Mardi Gras-style parade marched through Alab...

Climbing guide says at least 100 virus cases on Everest

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Lukas Furtenbach of Austria, who last week became the only prominent outfitter to halt his Everest expedition due to virus fears, said one of his foreign guides and six Nepali Sherpa guides have tested positive. CLIC...

Mount Everest COVID outbreak: Climbing guide says at least 100 virus cases

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Lukas Furtenbach of Austria, who last week became the only prominent outfitter to halt his Everest expedition due to virus fears, said one of his foreign guides and six Nepali Sherpa guides have tested positive. "I t...

India grapples with ‘black fungusdrug shortage as cases rise among Covid-19 patients

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Several Indian states are facing shortages of a drug used to treat black fungus, a rare and potentially fatal infection that is increasingly being detected in Covid-19 patients, health authorities in the country hav...

Mark Fuhrman uncovers new details in the unsolved cases of Natalee Holloway, Bob Crane

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16 jare later, her case continues to mystify the world. Nou, former Los Angeles Police Department detective and Fox Nation host Mark Fuhrman dives deep into the details of one of America's most notorious crime myste...

Red Cross warns that coronavirus cases are exploding in Asia

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It warned that the surge is pushing hospitals and health systems to the brink of collapse. Seven out of 10 countries globally that are doubling their infection numbers the fastest are in Asia and the Pacific, it said...

Scientists race to study Indian coronavirus variant as cases explode

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Maandag, the World Health Organization designated the new version of the virus a "variant of concern" based on preliminary research, alongside those that were first detected in Britain, South Africa and Brazil but ...

IOC’s Thomas Bach cancels Japan trip because of virus cases

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Bach was to visit Hiroshima next Monday and meet the torch relay and then probably travel to Tokyo. Organizing committee president Seiko Hashimoto said last week that the trip would be "taai" for Bach to make, watter...

CDC projects ‘sharp decline’ in coronavirus cases by July

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Egter, the agency said if unvaccinated populations flout physical distancing and masking, it could bring "substantial increases" in hospitalizations and deaths. The estimates draw on six models from research groups...

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