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Virginia man arrested for stealing six newborn husky puppies and cash from pet grooming salon

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Rodney Jackson, 50, is facing charges of breaking and entering, grand larceny, grand larceny with intent to sell, and animal larceny.

FOX Bet Super 6: 49ers-Packers picks for ‘Stack the Cash’ montepremi

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In case you didn't play "Impila i contanti" earlier this NFL season, the concept is simple: the more people who enter the Super 6 contest for this weekend's NFL clash, the higher the jackpot climbs! And this week's gran...

Travis Tritt recounts ‘magnetismof country icon Johnny Cash

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"One of the first people that I met when I came to Nashville was Johnny Cash--just an incredible human being, a walking contradiction. intendo, a walking contradiction," said Tritt. Meeting Cash for the first time at ...

Chicago Police investigating whether burglars robbed stores then dumped cash register near governor’s home

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In a story first reported by CWB Chicago, a group of burglars broke into a liquor store around 4:10 a.m. Thursday morning before burglarizing a market around 4:35 a.m. stealing cash, registers, liquor and tobacco pro...

Card box filled with a $180,000 cash donation mailed to The City College of New York. The package sat in a mailroom for months

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Physics professor Vinod Menon doesn't get much mail at the office, so when The City College of New York (CCNY) returned to in-person classes this semester, he was greeted with some junk mail and a nondescript packag...

A professor hid a cash prize on campus. All students had to do was read the syllabus

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With every new college semester, students are faced with multiple syllabuses outlining the subjects in their classes. But do students read them thoroughly? One Tennessee professor put it to the test. Kenyon Wilson i...

A giveaway at a hockey game saw schoolteachers scrambling on their knees to grab fistfuls of cash. Organizers are apologizing

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An unusual promotional giveaway at a hockey game in South Dakota saw a group of schoolteachers competing for a pile of cash by scrambling on their hands and knees to grab fistfuls of dollar bills. The inaugural "Das...

UK bank fined for laundering trash bags full of cash

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LondonNatWest has been fined £265 million ($ 350.9 milioni) for failing to prevent the laundering of nearly £400 million, in the first criminal money laundering case against a British bank. A gang deposited hundreds...

National school board bleeding members, cash may now face challenge from rival group

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School board associations in various states faced tense situations as disgruntled parents vented their frustrations over COVID-19 mask mandates, remote learning and other difficulties in the classroom. The NSBA submi...

Rapinatore di banche del Tennessee catturato pochi minuti dopo aver chiesto contanti con una nota sul filtro del caffè: "Soldi nel cassetto"

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Allen Clark, 49, è entrato nella Pinnacle Bank di Murfreesboro, una città situata a circa 35 miglia a sud-est di Nashville, appena prima 9:30 a.m. e porse a un cassiere un biglietto scritto su un filtro da caffè che richiedeva il "soldi io...

Plumber who found cash stashed in wall of Joel Osteen’s church getting $20,000 ricompensa

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The plumber who turned in hundreds of envelopes of cash and checks he found in a wall at televangelist Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church is getting $ 20,000 for his good deed. The find is believed to be connected to t...

Men impersonating NYPD officers raid home and steal more than $100K in cash, gioielleria

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The NYPD released new video on Monday of the suspects barging into the home on Country Club Road near Polo Place in the Bronx just after 8 a.m. il nov. 9. NYC SUSPECT NABBED MONTHS AFTER ATTEMPTED SUBWAY ROBBERY THAT...

Il giocatore FOX Bet vince $100,000 dei soldi di Terry Bradshaw: 'Ho avuto un colpo su un milione’

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"C'era una possibilità lunga anche nell'ultima partita," ha detto "Volpe & Amici" mercoledì. "Devi indovinare entro quattro punti da chi vincerà." C'È FINALMENTE UN MVP NFL FRONTRUNNER, ODDS SayThe FOX B...

I locali di Waukesha descrivono la caotica scena della parata di Natale, domanda la cauzione in contanti del sospettato

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"Abbiamo sentito il rumore all'esterno prima di partire quando il veicolo deve aver colpito la persona," disse Norman Bruce, che possiede un negozio di libri e giocattoli lungo il percorso della parata, disse. "Quando mi sono alzato, Ho potuto vedere che c'erano alcuni...

Armored truck scatters cash on San Diego freeway

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Money rained down on a San Diego freeway Friday morning, when one of the doors of an armored truck popped open and bags holding cash fell out. The resulting scramble by drivers to scoop up the bills completely shut ...

FOX Bet Super 6: Settimana NFL 9 scelte per "Impila i contanti"’

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Tra il dramma a Cleveland, un aggiornamento medico a Green Bay e tutte le solite notizie e note in giro per il campionato, le linee sono state in movimento presto. Rende ancora più difficile prevedere come si svolgeranno i giochi..