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Johnny Cash mural springs a curious leak after vandal shoots hometown water tower in ‘sensitive area

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Thanks to a well-placed prank, a water tower with a painted silhouette of the late music legend is currently leaking – and appearing to take a leak – over his Arkansas hometown of Kingsland after a prankster with imp...

BLM co-founder’s nonprofit flooded with secret cash from tech titan fund

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Cullors' nonprofit, Dignity and Power Now, tirato dentro $ 4.2 million in undisclosed contributions in 2020, its most recent tax forms show. But while the group does not identify its financial backers, Fox News Digital ...

Police officers hand out cash to help pay for familiesgroceries in California

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The Oceanside Police Department in Oceanside, California, was given a $ 20,000 donation earlier this year, which the department will use throughout the year for its "Random Acts of Kindness Project." La settimana scorsa, il ...

Some Democrats fear a 2020 repeat as cash flows to long-shot candidates

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Marcus Flowers makes it perfectly clear why he is running for Congress: The Georgia Democrat wants to unseat Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the attention-grabbing, conspiracy-pushing Republican who fills Democrats wit...

Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà".

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Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"., secondo la polizia. Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"., 45, Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"..

Did our politicians cash in on stocks prior to Russian invasion?

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KARL ROVE: When I was at the White House, I had to sell all my individual stocks. I was allowed to hold broadly based mutual funds that were on, sai, in sostanza, on an approved list. That's maybe one way to deal...

FOX Bet Super 6: Super Bowl picks to win ‘Stack the Cashon Rams-Bengals

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And with Sunday's big game nearly upon us, we're all in luck, as FOX Bet Super 6 is bringing back "Impila i contanti" one last time for Super Bowl LVI. With FOX Bet Super 6, all you have to do is answer six questions ab...

Chicago man allegedly led high-end smash-and-grab crew that dumped cash registers on Gov. Pritzker’s block

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Tacarre Harper, 27, was charged with nine felony counts of burglary in connection to organized retail thefts that occurred throughout the city between November 2021 e gennaio 6, ha detto il dipartimento di polizia di Chicago. ...

GiveSendGo founder rips ‘authoritarianBig Tech after GoFundMe seizes Canadian trucker’s cash

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The founder and CFO of the platform, Jacob Wells, is now calling out GoFundMe and Big Tech for their "authoritarian style of social platforms," which he says promote bias as fact and causes further division. The ca...

Home Depot employee arrested for swapping store cash with counterfeit bills for years, dicono le autorità

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A Tempe, Arizona, Home Depot employee is facing a federal charge, after authorities said he repeatedly took cash from the store and replaced it with counterfeit currency before depositing it in the bank, secondo t ...

Jesse Watters: I democratici stanno sacrificando le vite dei neri per i soldi della campagna

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Lasciare Spotify non è possibile per tutti gli artisti, [object Window]

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FBI and California sheriff illegally seized marijuana cash belonging to licensed dispensaries, reclami di querela

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Los Angeles Federal agents and a Southern California sheriff's department engaged in "highway robberies" after seizing more than a million dollars in cash from vehicles transporting funds from marijuana dispensaries ...

Sen Barrasso: Russia’s energy supply is a ‘cash cowfor Putin’s aggression as possible Ukraine invasion looms

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RUSSIA MOVES BLOOD SUPPLIES NEAR UKRAINE BORDER SEN. GIOVANNI BARRASSO: You're absolutely right, and in America right now, people are paying the highest prices in seven years for energy, and this has been a jackpot for V...

Rob Gronkowski rivela come sua madre lo aiuta a fare grandi giocate al registratore di cassa

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Gronkowski, che sta collaborando con Groupon per offrire la migliore esperienza di festa del Super Bowl nella sua casa del Massachusetts il prossimo mese, ha rivelato in una recente intervista a Fox News sua madre, Diane Gronkowski-Walters, ...

Virginia man arrested for stealing six newborn husky puppies and cash from pet grooming salon

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Rodney Jackson, 50, is facing charges of breaking and entering, grand larceny, grand larceny with intent to sell, and animal larceny.