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South Carolina woman hands cashier a note that says a man is ‘going to hurt her,’ is found safe by police

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Die vrou "appeared to be in distress" when she walked into the Food Lion on Friday afternoon with a man and slipped the note to the staff member. N vrou "appeared to be in distress" when she walked into ...

Germans shocked by killing of cashier after Covid mask row

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German politicians expressed shock on Tuesday over the killing of a 20-year old gas station worker after an argument about a face mask and said that coronavirus deniers who are willing to use violence will not be tol...

Customer pulls gun on Philadelphia Chipotle cashier, demands she speak to manager: ‘Give me my food

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Die voorval het rondom gebeur 5 nm. at a Chipotle restaurant in the Roosevelt Mall on Cottman Avenue after the manager instructed employees to close the store and tell waiting customers to place their orders online d...