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Geraldo blasts Biden’s border policy as Harris visits Guatemala: ‘catastrophic domestic policy failure

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"That has been perceived as an invitation to the world," Rivera gesê. "It’s a catastrophic domestic policy failure on the part of Joe Biden." He added that the reason why Central Americans make the journey to the U....

Liberal journalist trashes media’s dismissal of lab leak coronavirus theory: ‘Catastrophic f***up

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It marks yet another example of the media's turn on the origins of the deadly virus that has upended the planet and killed millions over the past 18 maande. The media error in this case, Yglesias argued on his websit...

Cryo-robotte kan katastrofiese verliese aan IVF-eiers en embrio's help voorkom

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(CNN Besigheid)In vitro bevrugting (IVF) has transformed millions of people's lives by helping them to have children. But leaving frozen eggs and embryos in the care of a fertility clinic involves risks — and disa...

The whitewashing of Arab Americans impacted by Covid-19 is a catastrophic public health issue, sê kenners

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Dr. Raed Al-Naser was on the front lines at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego when patients first started coming in with symptoms of Covid-19. "The hospital was packed and the ICU was at full capacity," the ICU ...

Brandstigting op brandstigting op Shaquille O’Neal se historiese Atlanta Krispy Kreme

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Ondersoekbeamptes sê die brand wat die donutwinkel van Atlanta Krispy Kreme in die voormalige NBA-ster Shaquille O'Neal vroeër vandeesmaand verydel het, was brandstigting. Die brand is vermoedelik doelbewus aan die brand gesteek..

Hurricane Eta nears Category 5 sterkte, expected to bring catastrophic damage to Nicaragua

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It took only 24 hours for Eta to go from a tropical storm to a Category 4 orkaan, and it is likely to only get stronger as it approaches Nicaragua. Van 7 nm. Sunday to 7 nm. Maandag, Eta's wind speed more than ...

Tropical Storm Eta expected to rapidly intensify over the next 24 hours and bring catastrophic conditions to Central America

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Tropical Storm Eta is expected to rapidly intensify over the next 24 hours as it churns in the Caribbean Sea toward Nicaragua, bringing with it devastating conditions, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC...