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Los Angeles scrubs Catholic Saint Junipero Serra from park where statue was torn down by activists

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Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that La Plaza park, known as Father Serra Park, will be renamed and that an "indigenous cultural easement" would be created "to give local indigenous communities priority access to the p...

COVID-19 takes toll on Catholic clergy in hard-hit countries

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The dead include an Italian parish priest who brought the cinema to his small town in the 1950s; a beloved New York pastor who ministered to teens and the homeless; a nun in India who traveled home to bury her father...

El clero católico francés puede haber abusado al menos 10,000 gente desde 1950, dicen los investigadores

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El clero católico francés de París podría haber abusado al menos 10,000 menores y otras personas vulnerables desde 1950, según una investigación independiente establecida por la Iglesia en Francia. La Comisión Independiente de Se ...

Biden’s Catholic faith will be on full display as the first churchgoing president in decades

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Joe Biden rarely misses Sunday Mass. So it was notable when the President-elect didn't attend church on November 29, the first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of the season when Roman Catholics like Biden prepare...

White headmaster at New York Catholic school placed on leave after telling a Black student to kneel and apologize ‘the African way

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The White headmaster of a Catholic school on Long Island has been placed on leave following reports that he had a Black student kneel in apology last month, llamándolo "the African way" to apologize. The headmaster ...

Catholic diocese and Orthodox Jewish synagogues ask Supreme Court to block New York’s Covid limits

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While incidences of Covid spike across the country, the Supreme Court is once again considering arguments from houses of worship that say pandemic-related restrictions are violating their religious freedom rights. ...

La Diócesis Católica Romana de Brooklyn se enfrenta a Andrew Cuomo en la Corte Suprema

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La Diócesis Católica Romana de Brooklyn está pidiendo a la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos que bloquee al gobernador de Nueva York. Orden ejecutiva de Andrew Cuomo que limita la cantidad de personas que pueden asistir a los servicios de adoración debido al coronavirus..

This archbishop is about to become the first African American cardinal in Catholic history

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Rome For the past week, Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, corriente continua, has been holed up in a Vatican guesthouse, receiving meals at his door. On Saturday afternoon, if all goes as planned, Gregory will step out of hi...

Trump and Biden vie for Catholic voters amid Supreme Court battle

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Washington The fight to win over swing Catholic voters in the presidential election has intensified as Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill battle over confirming President Donald Trump's conservative nominee to...

Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas will not issue religious exemptions for Covid-19 vaccine

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas will not issue letters of exemption for the Covid-19 vaccine on religious grounds, the diocese told pastors Monday. Después "careful and prayerful consideration" based on report...

14 people injured in suspected suicide bombing outside Catholic church in Indonesia

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Jacarta, Indonesia Fourteen people were hospitalized with injuries following a suspected suicide bombing outside a church in Makassar City, Indonesia, el domingo, la policía dijo. The two suspected bombers both died, acc ...

Biden, second Catholic president, to skip Notre Dame commencement after backlash to his abortion policies

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Breaking with recent tradition, the president will not address the ceremony after 4,300 "members of the Notre Dame community" signed a petition urging Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins not to invite Biden, the se...

US Catholic bishops advance communion document, setting up potential rebuke of Biden

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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Friday proceeded with a plan that would deny communion to public figures who support abortion rights, setting up a potential public rebuke of President Joe Biden. ...

Biden criticado por sacerdotes católicos por reunirse con el Papa Francisco, tomando la comunión

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Varios EE. UU.. Los obispos expresaron consternación por las palabras del Papa a Biden.. Obispo Joseph Strickland, de Tyler, Texas, retuiteó una publicación de blog abrasadora del cardenal conservador Raymond Burke que reafirma fuertemente ...

New Zealand’s Catholic Church apologizes to survivors of abuse

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Wellington, New ZealandNew Zealand's Catholic Church formally apologized on Friday to the survivors of abuse within the church and said its systems and culture must change. Cardinal John Dew, who is the Roman Catholi...

Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic foster care agency that refused to work with same-sex couples

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The Supreme Court on Thursday said that Philadelphia violated the First Amendment when it froze the contract of a Catholic Foster Care Agency that refused to work with same-sex couples as potential foster parents be...

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