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Italian Catholic, Jewish leaders condemn use of Nazi flag at church funeral

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Italian Catholic and Jewish leaders on Tuesday condemned as outrageous an episode in which right-wing extremists put a flag with a swastika on a coffin outside a church after a religious funeral and gave Nazi salute...

La Corte Suprema ordina al tribunale di New York di riconsiderare la sentenza che obbliga la diocesi cattolica a coprire gli aborti

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La Corte Suprema ha rifiutato di prendere il caso della diocesi di Albany v. Emami alla luce di un'importante sentenza che ha emesso all'inizio di quest'anno schierandosi con un ente di beneficenza cattolico a Filadelfia che ha rifiutato di proiettare lo stesso se ...

Biden slammed by Catholic priests for meeting with Pope Francis, taking communion

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Several U.S. bishops expressed dismay about the pope's reported words to Biden. Bishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, retweeted a blistering blog post by conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke that strongly reaffir...

Los Angeles scrubs Catholic Saint Junipero Serra from park where statue was torn down by activists

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Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that La Plaza park, known as Father Serra Park, will be renamed and that an "indigenous cultural easement" would be created "to give local indigenous communities priority access to the p...

Dismissing Catholic abuse victims’ causa, ECHR rules Vatican cannot be sued in European courts

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The Vatican cannot be sued in European courts because it is a sovereign state, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled Tuesday in dismissing a suit from survivors of abuse by Catholic clergy. It was the ECHR...

Più di 200,000 minori abusati sessualmente dal clero cattolico francese, ritrovamenti del rapporto di riferimento

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Parigi Membri del clero cattolico hanno abusato sessualmente di più di 200,000 minori in Francia negli ultimi sette decenni, un'indagine condotta nell'ambito di un'indagine indipendente sugli abusi all'interno delle stime della chiesa, accordo...

Fino a 3,200 pedophiles worked in French Catholic Church since 1950, independent commission says

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Fra 2,900 e 3,200 pedophile clergymen have worked in the French Catholic Church since the 1950s, the president of an independent commission on sexual abuse told CNN Sunday. "We had to cross historical, sociol...

Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas will not issue religious exemptions for Covid-19 vaccine

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas will not issue letters of exemption for the Covid-19 vaccine on religious grounds, the diocese told pastors Monday. Dopo "careful and prayerful consideration" based on report...

Pelosi cites Catholic faith when defending support for repealing anti-abortion Hyde Amendment

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The Catholic Church is firmly opposed to abortion, but Pelosi, who called the matter "an issue of health of many women in America," said it is not up to her to tell other people what they can or cannot do. OUTRAGED P...

COVID-19 takes toll on Catholic clergy in hard-hit countries

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The dead include an Italian parish priest who brought the cinema to his small town in the 1950s; a beloved New York pastor who ministered to teens and the homeless; a nun in India who traveled home to bury her father...

Almeno 4 Le chiese cattoliche sono state distrutte sulla terra indigena in una settimana

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Le autorità canadesi stanno indagando sui molteplici incendi che la scorsa settimana hanno distrutto quattro chiese cattoliche in terra indigena. Sono l'ultimo di una serie di eventi recenti che hanno colpito la comunità indigena del paese..

Rappresentante Democratico. Ted Lieu accuses Catholic bishops of hypocrisy, ‘daresthe Church to deny him Communion

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The Catholic California Democrat called out several Republicans, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Attorney General William Barr, for seemingly violating the beliefs of the Catholic Church, ma ...

US Catholic bishops advance communion document, setting up potential rebuke of Biden

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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Friday proceeded with a plan that would deny communion to public figures who support abortion rights, setting up a potential public rebuke of President Joe Biden. ...

Jonathan Turley: Supreme Court made ‘powerful statementby unanimously siding with Catholic foster agency

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JONATHAN TURLEY: This is a major decision for religious rights, and it’s also the decision that some of us thought was the most important of those pending cases we’ve been waiting for. What is surprising is it's 9-0....

Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic foster care agency that refused to work with same-sex couples

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The Supreme Court on Thursday said that Philadelphia violated the First Amendment when it froze the contract of a Catholic Foster Care Agency that refused to work with same-sex couples as potential foster parents be...

Il capo della Chiesa cattolica tedesca offre le dimissioni per la "catastrofe degli abusi sessuali"’

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Roma Il capo della Chiesa cattolica in Germania ha scritto a papa Francesco per offrire le sue dimissioni per quella che ha descritto come sua condivisa "responsabilità per la catastrofe degli abusi sessuali sexual" dai funzionari della chiesa, ha il ...