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Kim Cattrall seen in rare outing as ‘SATC’ fans hold out hope for her character to return

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Cattrall, 65, was seen shopping around London and grabbing a meal at the high-end Italian restaurant Cecconi’s. She was joined by her long-term partner Russell Thomas. The actress made headlines after news broke that...

Kim Cattrall fans slam ‘Sex and the Cityrevival ‘And Just Like Thatfor ‘assassinating her character

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The drama involving Peloton isn't the only controversy to come out of the premiere of the "Sexo y la ciudad" renacimiento "Y así ..." Ahora, Kim Cattrall's fans are speaking up about the alleged assassination of h...

La estrella de "Sex and the City", Chris Noth, llama a Sarah Jessica Parker, La pelea de Kim Cattrall es "triste e incómoda"

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El actor, quien asume el papel del Sr.. Grande una vez más para el "Sexo y la ciudad" avivamiento titulado "Y así ..." recientemente le dijo a The Guardian que se siente "muy protector" de la actriz, con quien ha actuado- ...

Chris Noth defends Sarah Jessica Parker in Kim Cattrall fall out

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Now we know Mr. Big really is Team Carrie. At least the actor who portrayed him on "Sexo y la ciudad" is sticking up for the actress who portrayed her. In an interview with The Guardian promoting the new series "Un...

Nicole Ari Parker appears to have replaced Kim Cattrall on ‘Sex and The City’ reiniciar

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Bye, Samantha Jones. Hola, Lisa Todd Wexley. Sarah Jessica Parker has posted a photo on her official Instagram account that is leading many to believe that Kim Cattrall has been replaced in the "Sexo y la ciudad" F...

Cynthia Nixon on Sharon Stone potentially replacing Kim Cattrall in ‘Sex and the City 3

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There are no plans for a "Sexo y la ciudad 3" película, but if it happens Cynthia Nixon wouldn't be mad if Sharon Stone stepped into the role of Samantha. The pair appeared virtually, alongside actress Sarah Paulson, W ...