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McIlroy, Rahm deel van drie-rits das vir lood in Caves Valley

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McIlroy het 'n arendpoot van buite af gegryp 10 voete op die par-5 16de in Caves Valley op pad na 'n 8-onder 64, gee hom 'n deel van die leiding met Jon Rahm en Sam Burns. Drie dae nadat hy sy drie-hout oond opgehef het ...

Neanderthals were painting caves in Europe long before modern humans, studie bevind

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Whether Neanderthals thought symbolically and had an artistic sensibility has been a question that has vexed experts in human evolution. But evidence is mounting that our Stone Age cousins were our cognitive equals...

China will benefit when Biden caves to climate activists: Marc Morano

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MARC MORANO: Well these activists, en terloops, make no mistake Biden is going to cave on this, right now the White House is posturing themselves as hawks they are not going to give in, but essentially the Earth i...

RNC -voorsitter McDaniel: Biden’s border crisisHarris caves, finally shows up for work

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After months of laughing off the Biden border crisis while migrants drowned in the Rio Grande River, border crisis czar Vice President Kamala Harris is making a visit to El Paso, Texas. Her trip to Texas on Friday c...