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Brandon Judd: Biden’s Del Rio border crisis – admin cedes control of US security to cartels

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Instead of following sound advice, which would have avoided the current disaster, DHS ignored the suggestion, leaving the law enforcement community to deal with the consequences of their poor decisions. On Thursday...

Two-time MVP gladly cedes lead role in playoffs to Middleton

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Aún así, he'll gladly cede the closer's role to Khris Middleton in the Eastern Conference finals. With Middleton taking command in the final minutes, the Milwaukee Bucks are now up 2-1 on the Atlanta Hawks heading to...

Birx cedes White House turf to Atlas while hitting the road to spread her public health gospel

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Dr. Deborah Birx emerged from a meeting at the White House one day in late summer with a new resolution: Never again would she sit in a meeting with Dr. Scott Atlas and listen to him pontificate on the pandemic. Th ...