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Ukraine thanks Ben Stiller, other celebrities who have met with Volodymr Zelenskyy

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Stiller met with Zelenskyy on Monday as part of World Refugee Day. "[Oekraïne] is grateful to Hollywood stars who, despite the danger, have visited us. @SeanPenn, @LievSchreiber, Angelina Jolie, @BenStiller you are mo...

MSNBC, CNN, celebrities slam GOP and DeSantis over Florida law: ‘Nazi pig

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Gedoop die "Don’t Say Gay" bill by critics, some public figures took the epithet a bit too literally when they claimed the new legislation actually made it illegal to utter the word gay in the state of Florida. In 'n ...

Will Smith’s apology: 10 times other celebrities said they were sorry amid scandals

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Smith announced his resignation Friday, saying he had "betrayed the trust of the academy" in a statement provided to Fox News Digital. "I have directly responded to the academy’s disciplinary hearing notice, and I wi...

Anti-COVID-entstofmandaat biskop in Puerto Rico onthef van leierskap deur die Vatikaan: Anti-war protests continue in Moscow, St Petersburg, prominent Russian celebrities join

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Russian authorities arrested over 1,700 individuals Thursday as citizens took to the streets of Moscow, St.. Petersburg and other major cities to denounce the invasion of Ukraine and demand an end to hostilities, akkommodasie ...

Celebrities react to Russia-Ukraine conflict: Jana Kramer bring eerste Thanksgiving sonder kinders deur na egskeiding’

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Russia pressed its invasion of Ukraine to the outskirts of the capital Friday after unleashing airstrikes on cities and military bases and sending in troops and tanks from three sides in an attack that could rewrite ...

‘Gutfeld!’ on maskless celebrities and liberals seen at Super Bowl 2022

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NUUS KANAALHUIS: Something funny is set up there about me and everybody just claps. They just start clapping. Just a natural kind of thing that happens among Real Americans. Happy Monday, everyone...

Dan Crenshaw torches maskless celebrities at Super Bowl: ‘Absolutely ridiculous

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"I think this is just increasingly frustrating for Americans as this ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ nonsense occurs. Eric Garcetti said he was just holding his breath. I’m sure all these celebrities were holding th...

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Die skietery het net tevore plaasgevind 3 am. [object Window], [object Window] "huldeblyk aan 'n dekadente era van Mafia-kroeë en -restaurante," huldeblyk aan 'n dekadente era van Mafia-kroeë en -restaurante. huldeblyk aan 'n dekadente era van Mafia-kroeë en -restaurante, sluit in...

Celebrities react to Tom Brady’s retirement: ‘A few tears shed

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback confirmed on Tuesday early reports of his retirement from the NFL after 22 seasons and seven Super Bowl wins. Nie lank nadat, Hollywood stars took to social media to react, and ma...

Celebrities react to Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust comments on ‘The View

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Op Dinsdag, ABC News president Kim Godwin announced that, despite Goldberg apologizing for her comments publicly on Twitter, tydens 'n verskyning op "The Late Show met Stephen Colbert" and Tuesday's "Die uitsig," die ...

Celebrities that have welcomed babies in 2022

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Ronnie Spector: Celebrities react to ’60s icon’s death

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Some of Spector's biggest hits like "Wees my baba" are still widely known and recognized for their impact on music history. The star died on Wednesday after a brief battle with cancer, het haar familie gesê. "Ronnie lived h...

Celebrities react to Bob Saget’s death: ‘The world has lost one of the nicest

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The Philadelphia-born star was 65 jaar oud. Reaction to the news of his death began pouring out on Twitter as the news broke Sunday night. 'FULL HOUSE' STAR BOB SAGET FOUND DEAD AT FLORIDA HOTEL AT THE AGE OF 65 "...

Betty White: Bekendes reageer op televisie-ikoon se dood

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Nuus het Vrydag gebreek dat die televisie-ikoon op die ouderdom van gesterf het 99. Sy was bekend vir haar dekades lange loopbaan op die kleinskerm met verskeie noemenswaardige rolprentrolle en was 'n gewilde aanhangergunsteling deur haar hele tyd..

Bekendes’ hottest red carpet looks of 2021

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From the 2021 Emmy Awards to the Met Gala to movie premieres across Europe, fashion heavy hitters such as Zendaya, Lady Gaga and Harry Styles took their sartorial stylings to the next level. Check out some of the ho...

Morgan Wallen to Chrissy Teigen: Celebrities who were canceled in 2021

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Here's a look at a few celebrities who made headlines in 2021 and were either subsequently canceled or caught a ton of flak: Morgan Wallen Country music singer Morgan Wallen made headlines in February after a video ...

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