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Tunisian president moves to cement one-man rule

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Tunis, TunisiaTunisian President Kais Saied declared on Wednesday he will rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution as he prepares to change the political system, prompting immediate opposition from rivals....

Verpakkers’ Aaron Rodgers looked like he was wearing ‘cement boots,’ ex-NFL ster sê

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The future Hall of Fame quarterback looked nothing like the reigning league MVP. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Rodgers completed 15 van 28 passes and finished with 133 passing yards and two interceptions....

‘A Dog’s Journeystar Kathryn Prescott in ICU after being hit by cement truck

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According to the British actress' twin sister, Megan Prescott, the accident happened on Tuesday in New York. In a post written Thursday on Instagram, Megan explained how Kathryn, 30, was crossing a street when the tr...

Hannity: Democrats seeking to ‘cement their power in perpetuitywith illicit moves

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HANNITEIT: Hierdie week, while we focused on the growing tensions in America's major cities, the Democratic Party has been very busy. Just as we predicted on the campaign trail, the left is now plotting to cement their po...