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Camille Vasquez takes center stage in Depp/Heard trial

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The spotlight in a Virginia courtroom has turned to attorney Camille Vasquez this week. Vasquez serves as one of Johnny Depp's attorneys in his defamation fight with ex-wife Amber Heard over a 2018 op-ed she wrote f...

First image of black hole at center of Milky Way released by astronomers

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The colorized picture was produced by the international Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, using observations from a worldwide network of radio telescopes. MARS INSIGHT LANDER RECORDS MASSIVE QUAKE The gro...

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and her controversial history back at center of abortion debate

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Sanger, a birth control activist and nurse who founded what became Planned Parenthood in 1916, has been mentioned by many conservatives on social media following the leaked SCOTUS opinion last week. Sanger’s controve...

Portland police searching for arson suspect who targeted Muslim Community Center in potential bias attack

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Security cameras caught the man pouring an undetermined type of accelerant on the back of the Muslim Community Center of Portland’s building on the 5300 block of North Vancouver Avenue just before 7 nm. Maandag, t ...

Los Angeles police respond to armed robbery near high-end Beverly Center mall

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The latest incident occurred around 1 nm. at Beverly and La Cienega boulevards, near the Beverly Center shopping mall, the Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News Digital. Officers arrived and informed police un...

California coroner identifies ‘mummified bodyfound in abandoned convention center as missing homeless man

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The Alameda County coroner identified the remains by matching a serial number on a tubular plate in Mejica's leg to records at Highland Hospital, where he had surgery nearly two decades ago.

Police investigating vandalism of Islamic center, second incident in six months

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Police are investigating vandalism at an Islamic center in Richmond, Virginia, a Henrico County Police Division spokesperson told CNN. The incident Saturday was the second report of vandalism at West End Islamic Cen...

COVID-19 rules take center stage in Nevada GOP governor primary as candidates blame Gov’s ‘draconian’ reëls

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Schools were remote or hybrid for more than a year after students were sent home in March 2020. School sports didn't resume until spring 2021. Nevada's indoor mask mandate was in place until February 2022, including...

Newt Gingrich explains why Democrats won’t move to the center before midterm elections

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Aan "Die Ingraham-hoek," host Laura Ingraham noted Democrats don't seem likely to tack to the center ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. "If you regard what we're seeing as basically a secular religion, they don...

Book bans move to center stage in the red-state education wars

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The escalating red-state efforts to ban more books mark a new stage in the struggle to control the educational experience of America's kaleidoscopically diverse younger generations. Sedert 2021, more than a dozen Rep...

MSNBC gasheer: ‘Utterly ridiculous to centerOscars slap discourse around ‘opinions of White folks

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Die "Kruisverbinding" host was the latest media figure to discuss actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards after the latter made a joke about the former’s wife. While Cross argued tha...

New beaches and the largest exhibition center in the Middle East: Can Bahrain become a tourist hotspot?

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Bahrain has long relied on its fossil fuel reserves, but with oil running out, the island nation is looking to diversify its economy. Nou, it's hoping a $ 427 million waterfront development project will help it cat...

Creighton center Ryan Kalkbrenner out after knee injury in 1st-round victory

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McDermott said Friday that Kalkbrenner had some damage in his left knee, but that it was not an ACL injury and will not require surgery. The Big East defensive player of the year will still need two to three months t...

Mold and clogged toilets at ICE center spark watchdog call for ‘immediateremoval of detainees

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In an unprecedented move, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general called for the "immediate relocation" of all detainees from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in New Mexico, citing unsan...

Rooftop Openbarings: Chicago woman wonders if a community center could have prevented her brother’s death

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Marlene Snipes still wonders. She believes that if there had been a community center like the one that Pastor Corey Brooks wishes to build on the South Side of Chicago, her baby brother, Marcus, might not have crosse...

Mummified body found in wall of California convention center, sê owerhede

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A worker found the body around 1 nm. in a wall that was being deconstructed during renovations at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, according to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. "We found remains best descr...

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