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Central Tennessee braces for more weather misery after weekend flooding killed 7 people and caused widespread damage

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After enduring widespread flooding -- that killed seven people, knocked out power to thousands and damaged homes and businesses -- Central Tennessee is bracing for more potentially devastating rainfall. Oor 2.5 duisend ...

Tropical Storm Nicholas hits Gulf Coast as severe thunderstorms possible over Central Plains to the Northeast

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NICHOLAS DOWNGRADED TO TROPICAL STORM AFTER MAKING LANDFALL IN TEXAS AS CATEGORY 1 HURRICANE The storm is forecast to weaken, but not move very much, bringing torrential rainfall to Texas and Louisiana. Hu...

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Severe storms target central US

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Scattered showers and thunderstorms will persist across the Central and Southern Plains into Tuesday night. The Storm Prediction Center has highlighted a line from west Texas to Wisconsin as areas for potentially ...

Biden admin gee nog een $20 miljoen na Mexiko, Sentraal-Amerika vir migrante en vlugtelinge

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Die Staatsdepartement het dit deur sy Buro vir Bevolking aangekondig, Vlugtelinge en Migrasie, dit verskaf die geld "om te help om in dringende humanitêre behoeftes vir die byna te voorsien 700,00 asielsoekers, vlugtelinge en vulne...

Die tropiese storm Eta sal na verwagting vinnig toeneem oor die volgende 24 uur en bring katastrofiese toestande na Sentraal-Amerika

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Die tropiese storm Eta sal na verwagting vinnig toeneem oor die volgende 24 ure terwyl dit in die Karibiese See in die rigting van Nicaragua draai, verwoestende toestande meebring, volgens die National Hurricane Center (NHC...

Tieners in Central Park beroof vrou op die messepunt, beeldmateriaal vang jaag, sê die polisie

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Beamptes het net voorheen op die Great Lawn in Central Park gereageer 11 nm. toe iemand gebel het om 'n rooftog aan die gang te rapporteer, het die polisiekantoor in New York gesê. Volgens 'n 45-jarige vrou het twee mans haar verstand benader..

American in central Ukraine providing shelter for refugees: ‘If we take off now, who’s going to serve them?’

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Benjamin Morrison, who moved to Ukraine from Indiana in 2002 and is now a pastor at Calvary Chapel about 180 miles southeast of Kyiv, said his family knew they had to stay when Russian forces invaded. "We thought th...

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Temperatures may break records in Southwest, Central US

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Temperatures will approach 100 degrees in the Southwest and get into the 80s as far north as South Dakota and Minnesota. That warmth continues and shifts slightly to the east on Tuesday. High temperatures ...

2 people were killed in a shooting at North Carolina Central University, sê die polisie

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Two people were fatally shot at a parking deck at North Carolina Central University in Durham on Saturday night, prompting a lockdown of the nearby college football game, owerhede gesê. Two men were shot and take...

Blinken visits Central America as prolonged migrant crisis ramps up pressure on Biden-Harris administration

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Harris was appointed in March by President Biden to lead diplomatic talks with Mexican and Northern Triangles leaders in order to solve the surge in migration that has led to an overwhelming crisis. While the White H...

Room Emanuel, Biden’s nominee to be envoy to Japan, indicates China would be a central focus of the job

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Washington Rahm Emanuel, the Biden administration's nominee to be ambassador to Japan, made clear Wednesday that he believes a core part of the envoy job is about countering China. Emanuel appeared before the Senate...

Tropiese depressie Eta het meer oorstromings in die vooruitsig van Sentraal-Amerika voordat dit in die rigting van die VSA op pad is

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Dele van Sentraal-Amerika kan steeds lewensgevaarlike oorstromings sien oorstroom terwyl die tropiese depressie Eta die streek met reën deurstoot voordat sy na die Amerikaanse kus op pad is.. Eta sou miskien verswak het tot 35 mph winde, maar die l ...

Passengers trapped inside submerged subway as deadly floods sweep central China

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Terrified subway passengers in central China were left clinging to ceiling handles inside flooded cars on Tuesday, trapped up to their necks in rising water, as record breaking rains devastated parts of Henan provin...

Powerful storm threatens central US with snow and could become a bomb cyclone as it moves east

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A strong winter storm is expected to impact a large swath of the US, bringing snow Thursday to the central region before forming into a bomb cyclone on its way east over the weekend. Oor 11 million people were un...

Republicans slam Biden plan to send cash payments to Central America: ‘This is madness

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Reuters reported Friday that the U.S. is considering a "conditional cash transfer program" to address what the White House believes are the economic woes that lead migrants to make the journey to the U.S. southern bo...

Abreu, White Sox closer to AL Central title, beat Rangers

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They are focused, energetic — and winning series. Giolito pitched into the sixth inning, José Abreu matched the major league RBI lead and Yasmani Grandal homered for the second game in a row as the White Sox beat the...

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