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Nasionale weervoorspelling: Strong cold front slices through central US

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Freeze warnings and frost advisories are up from Texas to the Great Lakes with record lows possible. Current freeze advisories in effect. (Fox News)

Cold front brings thunderstorms, flooding to Northeast as central US sees late summer heat

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COLD FRONT BRINGS POTENTIAL FLOODING TO EAST, TROPICAL SAM EXPECTED TO FORM IN ATLANTIC However, in the Northeast, a slow-moving cold front is bringing heavy rain and thunderstorms. Northeast flood adviso...

NYPD-jag op man wat helder oordag in Central Park die slagoffer oorval het

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NAKED BROOKLYN MOEDER WAT KINDERS UITGESLUIT VAN BRANDE ONTSNAPPINGS MOONTLIKE MOORDLADINGS Volgens die beeldmateriaal van die voorval wat deur die polisie bekend gemaak is, die individu het Vrydag omstreeks 'n 40-jarige vrou genader 10 am ....

Ten minste 19 dood in busongeluk in Sentraal-Mexiko

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Mexico City Ten minste 19 mense is vermoor en 20 meer beseer Vrydag toe 'n passasiersbus wat op 'n snelweg in sentraal-Mexiko gery het, in 'n huis vasgery het, owerhede gesê. Die remme op die bus, wat op pad was ...

New Year’s Eve will be snowy in Central US while rain is forecast on Eastern Seaboard

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As we toss 2020 to the wayside and welcome 2021 with open arms, a significant winter storm is expected to develop in the Central US this week. But the first area of concern is a storm in the Western US on Sunday an...

Brook Lopez scores 28, Bucks beat Bulls to clinch Central

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That didn't stop the Bucks from clinching yet another division championship and making it look easy in the process. Brook Lopez scored a season-high 28 points and Milwaukee overcame a rather quiet performance from An...

Central Michigan’s John Keller ‘fighting for his lifeafter shooting at off-campus party

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Keller’s family set up a GoFundMe to help cover the student-athlete’s medical expenses. The family also offered an update on the quarterback’s status as he recovers from the gunshot wound. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT ...

Brewers on brink of NL Central title after Burnes beats Mets

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The Brewers, already assured a fourth straight playoff berth, can wrap up the division crown Sunday with a win at home in the series finale against the Mets or a Cardinals loss to the Cubs in Chicago. Milwaukee won i...

Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon to perform at NYC’s Central Park

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"Bruce will do a duet with Patti Smith," an insider added, "Jennifer Hudson is also slated [to hit the stage]." The concert — which is intended to celebrate New York City’s revival after the COVID-19 lockdowns — is s...

Sentraal Michigan klop Washington State in Sun Bowl

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Die Chippewas het steeds 'n manier gevind om hul verloorreeks van vyf wedstryde te beëindig. Lew Nichols III het vir 130 meter en 'n touchdown, lei laat vervanging Sentraal Michigan na 'n 24-21 oorwinning oor die staat Washington in die ...

Die president van die Sentraal-Afrikaanse Republiek Touadera wen herverkiesing

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President van Bangui, Faustin-Archange Touadera, het die Sentraal-Afrikaanse Republiek in Desember gewen 27 presidentsverkiesing deur meer as 53% stemme in die eerste ronde, volgens voorlopige uitslae wat deur die ...

Central Rockies facing heavy rain, flash flood risk

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A stalled frontal boundary will concentrate rounds of storms and heavy rain from the Gulf Coast to the Southeast Coast. Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat advisories are in effect. (Fox News) Excess...

Pew poll: Being Black is central to sense of identity for most Black Americans

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Black adults in America are nearly 40 points more likely than the general population to say that their racial background is central to the way they think about themselves, according to a new poll from the Pew Resear...

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Strong storms expected in central US

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Cooler air hangs on behind the front for the West. The threat of severe weather for Tuesday. (Fox News)

Brewers clinch NL Central, condemn Mets to losing record

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Josh Hader pitched a perfect ninth inning, retiring Brandon Nimmo on a game-ending flyout to left fielder Christian Yelich and sending the Brewers running onto the field to celebrate as the crowd of 43,430 erupted in...

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