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Sunken jewels, buried treasure uncovered in the Bahamas from iconic 17th century Spanish shipwreck

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A treasure trove of jewels, medallions and historic artifacts has been uncovered in the Bahamas that date back to the legendary 17th century Maravillas shipwreck — and the public is about to get a look at it. Nuestra...

Wisconsin GOP abruptly ends special session called by Democratic governor to repeal 19th century abortion law

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A special session demanded by Wisconsin's Democratic governor was opened and immediately closed on Wednesday by the state's Republican-led Legislature, which is refusing to repeal a 19th century abortion ban that re...

Americans are more worried about crime than at any other time this century

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The successful recall of progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin on Tuesday is arguably the political earthquake of the year so far. Not because the result was unexpected, as polling generally sugge...

Ukraine video shows massive Russian explosions: ‘What the most horrific war of the 21st century looks like

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The clip shows aerial views of a series of blasts rocking the Ukrainian countryside, sending shockwaves and plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. "This is what largest and most horrific war of the 21st century loo...

We need a 21st century Marshall Plan to stop taking China’s drugs

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The threat is simple: we are consuming medication acquired from our enemy. This isn't surprising—China has never been our friend—but it is frightening. It is only a matter of time before our reliance on their API sup...

Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte: 94,000 fans to watch the biggest heavyweight fight of the 21st century

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"Who would have thought it?" Tyson Fury asked, almost incredulous. "Even we didn't think we'd be doing 90-odd thousand at Wembley." Such is the grandeur of Saturday's WBC world heavyweight title fight against Dillia...

If they disliked the American century, ‘wait ’til they see the CCP century’: Skrywer

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DOUGLAS MURRAY: There is a growing tendency in America, not just on the Left, but now I would argue on the political Right as well. They're starting to say the same talking points that the Left used to make. It used ...

A Black man’s death was ruled a suicide a century ago. A coroner now says it was a lynching

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George Tompkins left his home on the morning of March 16, 1922, but the 19-year-old never returned. Daardie middag, the Black man's body was found hanging from a sapling -- his hands bound together at Riverside Park...

Trump says Durham probe exposing ‘the crime of the century,’ predicts it’s ‘just the beginning

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Trump was reacting to Durham’s Feb. 11 court filing in which he alleged lawyers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign "exploited" internet traffic pertaining to a "particular healthcare provider," Trump Tower, ...

Kolom: Charley Trippi’s amazing life hits the century mark

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He could do pretty much anything with a football. Run with it. Throw it. Punt it. Catch it. Stop others from catching it. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . When the opposing team kicked off or punted, he co...

Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of century, studie bevind

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Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of the century, volgens nuwe navorsing, as scientists say the human-made climate crisis is already making them stronger. Using data fr...

Al Sharpton says Ahmaud Arbery’s killing was a ‘lynching in the 21st century

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Die skeidsregter. Al Sharpton is asking for a just verdict in the trial of the three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery who was shot while jogging in Georgia last year. "What has happened in this case, is a lynching in the...

Rusland sal die eerste koninklike troue in meer as 'n eeu aanbied

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Moskou, Rusland se voormalige keiserlike hoofstad sal gasheer speel vir die troue van 'n afstammeling van die Russiese koninklike familie in die eerste so 'n geleentheid in meer as 'n eeu. Groothertog George Mikhailovich Romanof sal gelykop wees..

College professor recognizes 17th century masterpiece hanging in a nearby church

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A simple act led to an art history professor discovering a 17th century masterpiece that was thought to have been missing. Church of the Holy Family is located just a few blocks from the campus of Iona College, en ...

Delta may be peaking but we’re in a 21st century cold war

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Kent Sepkowitz is a CNN medical analyst and a physician and infection control expert at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is sy eie. View more opinion on CNN...

Biden’s Afghan ‘Alamo’: Mark Levin says Democrat ‘blew up half a century of US national security

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Levin recounted to "Fox News Primetime" a recent interview he held with the United Kingdom's former Afghanistan Commander Col. Richard Kemp -- who had called for Biden's "court-martial" and whom Levin said described ...

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