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Massachusetts DA seeks to vacate thousands of drug convictions connected to botched evidence certification at state lab

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Thousands of people who had drug convictions in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, may soon see them vacated due to a "catastrophic failure of management," the county's district attorney Rachael Rollins said Monday. Die...

Regter in Michigan verwerp die eis om die sertifisering van Biden-oorwinning in Detroit te blokkeer

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'N Regter in Michigan het 'n poging van twee uitdagings van die stemming om die sertifisering van 'n Joe Biden-oorwinning in Detroit te keer, verwerp, wat sy oorwinning in die staat help dra het. Die regter het ook die versoek om 'n ...

Virgin Hyperloop selects West Virginia as the future home of its new high-tech certification center

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Virgin Hyperloop is investing $ 500 million to build what could one day be the future of high-speed transportation. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice held a news conference on Friday along with Virgin Airlines founder...

Michigan Republicans temporarily block certification of Detroit’s election results

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In an unprecedented move, the Detroit-based Wayne County Board of Canvassers deadlocked along partisan lines on a critical vote Tuesday and was unable to certify the county's presidential results before the deadline...