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Jason Chaffetz: Dems own Biden failures – they’ll run but they can’t hide from policy fiascos

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We aren’t getting the plans we were promised. In plaas daarvan, we're getting thin smoke and faded mirrors that aren't fooling anyone. Joe Biden may be aging and confused, but what's the excuse for Vice President Harris' fail...

Chaffetz rips Biden crises on border, Afghanistan as ‘self inflicted wounds

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JASON CHAFFETZ: I think the American people coming to realize that the promise of Joe Biden and the reality of Joe Biden are two totally different things. He lacks judgment. And most of these crises that we are deali...

Chaffetz slams Big Tech ‘godsover bias after Politico confirmed Hunter Biden laptop story as true

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POLITICO CONFIRMATION OF HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP MATERIALS PROMPTS CRITICISM OF EARLIER SUPPRESSION OF STORY JASON CHAFFETZ: Haai, Politico, welcome to the game, mense. Glad you tried to catch up months and months after. ...

Jason Chaffetz: What is Biden’s biggest flaw?

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Foreshadowing what would become a pattern, Biden began his presidency by selecting the unpopular former presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice president. He followed that with the select...

Chaffetz: Dems het meer mag as wat hulle ooit gehad het en misdaad word steeds erger

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NYC GUN BUIT BUITEN DIE MANHATTAN -KREDIEWINKELBLADE 3 BYSTANDERS VERWOND, VIDEO WYS JASON CHAFFETZ: Wel, dit raak erger. Hierdie Demokrate en progressiewe mense het meer mag as wat hulle ooit gehad het en kan..

Jason Chaffetz: Demokrate’ crime surge is real, scary and bringing chaos, not safety, to cities across US

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The progressive agenda includes aggressive bail reform policies, the election/appointment of lenient prosecutors, the reclassification of felonies to misdemeanor crimes, and the establishment of sanctuary cities wher...

Chaffetz claims ‘direct evidenceJoe Biden was privy to Hunter’s business deals, as House GOP seeks documents

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Chaffetz alluded to news that investigative author and GAI President Peter Schweizer had found materials on a hard drive Hunter Biden left at a Wilmington, Van die., laptop repair shop that prove Joe Biden was a "direct ...

Jason Chaffetz: Julie 4, 2021: 5 reasons to be grateful for America this Independence Day

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Instead of focusing on what went wrong over the past year and a half, we should consider what went right. Because no matter how difficult our circumstances, the spirit of America cannot be broken. Though the list of...

Chaffetz blasts MSNBC guest for comparing Senate election vote to ‘apartheid’: ‘So shameful

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PROGRESSIVES FUME AFTER REPUBLICANS USE FILIBUSTER TO BLOCK DEMS' S.1 ELECTION REFORM BILL JASON CHAFFETZ: Chuck Schumer knew it wasn’t going the pass. It is fundamentally a bad bill. It is a ‘for the Democrats’ bill...

Jason Chaffetz: Hunter Biden se kunsbedrogspul - met sy werk wat vir $ 500 000 verkoop is, ons moet weet wie koop

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Die kunshandelaar Georges Berges sê die name van verskillende kopers sal vertroulik gehou word. Maar Hunter se kuns word tussen geprys $ 75,000 en 'n halfmiljoen - 'n indrukwekkende bedrag vir 'n neofiet, veral een met geen ...

Jason Chaffetz: COVID funeral payments – Biden program an invitation to commit fraud. Hier is hoe

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It doesn't matter if they're rich or poor so long as they have a death certificate listing COVID-19 as the cause of death. O, and if they don't have that, the FEMA website provides a handy FAQ section providing guid...

Chaffetz: Sy. Tim Scott put ‘meat on the bones’ of Republican priorities

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"Sy. Scott, Ek dink, was rich in terms of being relatable," hy het gesê. "But he gave solid meat on the bones of what Republicans have done and what they will do moving forward, from opportunity zones and criminal jus...

Jason Chaffetz: Demokrate’ crisis relief a pretext to throw trillions at this ‘disaster liberalism’ agenda

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The rest of the money is being used to grow government and to subsidize well-heeled Democratic constituencies. Ditto for the last COVID relief bill, of which roughly 10% funded COVID relief. Already the Biden adminis...