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California restaurant chain promises year of free burgers if fans get tattoos

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A California-based burger chain has pledged to serve a select number of superfans its signature sandwich for a year, if they get a permanent tattoo for the restaurant’s milestone anniversary. Farmer Boys operates nea...

A Texas grocery store’s apparent act of kindness sets off a chain reaction of positivity in the wake of the deadly storm

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When Tim and Deb Hennessy decided to go on a grocery run during last month's deadly winter storm in Texas, they had no idea the generosity they were in for. Tim Hennessy told CNN he immediately regretted the trip wh...

Hackers wat sleutelaktore in die entstofvoorsieningsketting rig

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Hackers is gerig op sleutelaktore in die koronavirus-inentingsketting namate verspreiding aan die gang is, volgens nuwe waarskuwings deur die Departement van Binnelandse Veiligheid en IBM, wat die kwaadwillige aktiwiteite ontdek het ...

Coronavirus cancels pumpkin spice at this restaurant chain

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It seems even pumpkin spice isn't safe from the coronavirus. The restaurant chain Einstein Bros. Bagels is the latest victim of the pandemic. This fall, they will not be offering any pumpkin spice seasonal items. ...