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Any opportunity to win some money on a Saturday night while watching Mike Trout slug a baseball all over Orange County also sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. On FS1’s marquee Saturday baseball game this w...

Colorado boy, 12, dead after social media challenge, family believes

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Joshua Haileyesus' family believes he went brain-dead on March 22 after participating in a dangerous "spel" called the "Blackout Challenge," which has circulated on social media platforms like TikTok, daring users to...

Senaatswedloop van Washington: GOP veterane regte leier om Demokratiese Sen. Patty Murray

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'N Militêre vrou en verpleegster, sy het vir haar man geveg nadat die weermagoffisier permanent verblind is tydens 'n aanval in Irak. Later, sy was 'n dryfveer in die druk wat gelei het tot hervormings by die Departement van Veearts..

Nikki Haley says she’ll support and not challenge Trump if he runs in 2024

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Washington Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on Monday said she would back her onetime boss, former President Donald Trump, if he decides to run for the Republican Party's presidential nomination again in 2024 and not...

Huge Trump-era and pandemic immigrant visa backlog poses challenge for Biden

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Even though President Joe Biden has moved to reverse many of his predecessor's anti-immigration policies, the consequences of those restrictive measures linger and have contributed to a massive backlog of nearly 2.6...

Texas attorney general backs challenge to Harvard’s affirmative action policies at Supreme Court

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that the justices got it wrong in 2016 when they upheld the University of Texas' affirmative action practices, as state officials are now backing a...

For one Girl Scout troop, no challenge is too big to overcome

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When one troop of Girl Scouts in Iowa was given the goal of selling more than 1,000 boxes of cookies, the girls put on their signature sashes and got to work, flexing their entrepreneurial skills. As of Feb. 26, die...

Malaysian man wins landmark challenge against Muslim gay sex ban

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A Malaysian man on Thursday won a landmark court challenge against an Islamic ban on sex "against the order of nature," raising hopes for greater acceptance of gay rights in the mostly Muslim country. The Muslim man ...

Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to Trump administration’s public charge rule

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Washington The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to take up a case brought by various groups and state and local officials challenging a Trump-era rule that makes it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal status ...

Ivanka Trump tells Marco Rubio she won’t challenge him for Florida Senate seat

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Ivanka Trump has no plans as of late to run for the US Senate -- at least not in Florida. A representative for Ivanka Trump told CNN she spoke with Sen. Marco Rubio and that Trump has no plans to challenge the Flori...

Biden team says it sees first signs of improvement in fight against pandemic but it’s a ‘daunting challenge

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Fully ensconced in the depths of the coronavirus crisis, the Biden administration says it is seeing the first signs of improvement -- though officials say they're far from celebrating. President Joe Biden is beginn...

Die voortdurende uitdaging van pandemiese moegheid tref mense hard

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Byna 'n jaar van voortdurend veranderende riglyne vir openbare veiligheid met lang dae wat tuis opgepas is, dra baie mense. Mense het sosiale afstand geneem, maskers dra en saam met vriende en familie byeenkomste oorslaan..

GOP-kongresvrou om nie meer Biden se oorwinning na die inbreuk op die Amerikaanse Capitol uit te daag nie

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GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers het Woensdagaand aangekondig dat sy haar standpunt oor die uitdaging van die uitverkore president, Joe Biden, se oorwinning sal keer nadat oproermakers 'n staking van die Amerikaanse kamer en die Senaatskamers gedwing het..

The Trump ally in the Senate leading the President’s futile effort to challenge the Electoral College votes

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Washingtonse Republikeinse Sen. Josh Hawley threw a political grenade into Washington last week when he announced his intentions to object when Congress counts the Electoral College votes on Wednesday -- a move that pits ...

Pat Quinn, die medestigter van die ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, sterf by 37

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Pat Quinn, een van die medestigters van die virale ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, sterf Sondag in die ouderdom van 37, volgens 'n verklaring van die ALS-stigting. Die Ice Bucket Challenge het virale begin 2014 met meer as 17 ...

‘Genius Dog Challengekicks off to determine whether 6 of the world’s smartest dogs can learn new names

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Simply put, they are the world's top dogs. Researchers from Hungary are holding the Genius Dog Challenge, which pits six of the world's smartest dogs against one another to show who is able to best learn the names o...

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