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Biden team says it sees first signs of improvement in fight against pandemic but it’s a ‘daunting challenge

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Fully ensconced in the depths of the coronavirus crisis, the Biden administration says it is seeing the first signs of improvement -- though officials say they're far from celebrating. President Joe Biden is beginn...

Biden administration may challenge Texas governor’s order targeting migrants

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The Biden administration is considering challenging Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Wednesday executive order targeting migrants over concerns that his actions will cripple infrastructure in border communities, including p...

Psaki has nothing to say on whether Biden will extend 100-day mask challenge

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"Is President Biden going to extend his call for Americans to wear masks beyond 100 dias?" a reporter asked Psaki during her daily briefing. "He is working and in discussions with our health and medical experts abou...

Once-homeless former bartender to challenge AOC

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Republican Desi Cuellar — who, like AOC, is an ex-bartender — formed a campaign committee in June to challenge the congresswoman, and this week launched his first attack ad. "AOC is running and propagating so many le...

Two Texas lawsuits challenge governor’s restrictions on ballot drop-off locations

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Gobernador de Texas. Greg Abbott is facing two separate federal lawsuits over his executive order that restricts ballot boxes to one per county in the sprawling state, a move opponents argue harms the nation's most vulnerable...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Ola de calor para desafiar temperaturas récord

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Altos en el 90- y el rango de 100 grados será probable para esta región y los registros serán desafiados. El pronóstico nacional para el viernes, junio 4. (Fox News)

Boost your mood with this 5-day gratitude challenge

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Regístrese para Stress de CNN, Pero menos newsletter. Nuestra guía de seis partes lo informará e inspirará a reducir el estrés mientras aprende a aprovecharlo.. One-time efforts to celebrate gratitude, like Thanksgiving, undeniab...

Ivanka Trump tells Marco Rubio she won’t challenge him for Florida Senate seat

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Ivanka Trump has no plans as of late to run for the US Senate -- at least not in Florida. A representative for Ivanka Trump told CNN she spoke with Sen. Marco Rubio and that Trump has no plans to challenge the Flori...

Greg Gutfeld: Our challenge isn’t simply COVID, but overcoming those who politicize it to divide US

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Bien, the greatest man in the history of the world is back. sí, our former 44th president has given the middle finger to the CDC by inviting over 500 people to his 60th birthday party at his 12 million dollar Martha...


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Three weeks into the season, the competitive part is proving accurate. The quality of play? Maybe not so much. Friday morning began with all five teams in the division separated by one game after 10% of the schedule ...

Disabled Louisiana teacher allegedly attacked by student in suspected TikTok challenge assault

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los "abofetear a un maestro" challenge has allegedly inspired a number of recent violent acts at schools, but TikTok claims that it has seen no evidence of the trend. los "desafío" has prompted strong responses of condemna...

Supreme Court hears religious freedom challenge over suing FBI agents

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The Supreme Court returned to the controversial issue of religious freedom on Tuesday in a case concerning three Muslim men who are seeking to sue FBI special agents for damages under a federal law meant to protect ...

Judge halts Biden’s race-based aid for farmers, says challenge is ‘likely to succeed

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A group of White farmers had filed a lawsuit arguing the policy discriminates against them. Milwaukee District Judge William Griesbach issued a temporary restraining order, noting the White farmers "are likely to su...

Biden promised to ‘shut down’ COVID-19, but omicron variant poses new challenge for admin

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The omicron variant, according to World Health Organization (QUIÉN) funcionarios, has a large number of mutations, "some of which are concerning." President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the debt ceiling during ...

Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge to Trump administration’s public charge rule

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Washington The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to take up a case brought by various groups and state and local officials challenging a Trump-era rule that makes it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal status ...

Challenge to Indiana University vaccine mandate reaches Supreme Court

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A lawyer representing Indiana University students asked the Supreme Court Friday to block the school's vaccine mandate that is set to take effect this fall while the appeals process plays out. The filing marks the f...

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