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Divieto repubblicano CRT nelle scuole del New Hampshire contestato dagli insegnanti, genitori in una nuova causa federale

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L'affiliata dello stato per l'American Federation of Teachers e tre insegnanti e due genitori con studenti iscritti nelle scuole pubbliche dello stato hanno intentato una causa lunedì negli Stati Uniti. Tribunale Distrettuale per il Distretto...

Primo sulla CNN: Biden administration expected to name GOP official who challenged Trump’s lies to key election security role

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Washington The Biden administration is expected to name Kim Wyman, a Republican secretary of state who challenged former President Donald Trump's false claims of election fraud, to lead the Department of Homeland Sec...

Suo. Marco Rubio: È ora di licenziare John Kerry, Lo zar del clima eticamente sfidato di Biden

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Per settimane, a Washington sono circolate voci sullo zar del clima del presidente Joe Biden, John Kerry, e sulla sua opposizione a intraprendere azioni concrete contro l'uso del lavoro forzato da parte del Partito comunista cinese. Adesso, potremmo avere...

Jesse Watters: ‘How I Save the Worldis a chance to respond to my mom’s texts without being challenged

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When I joined "I cinque", we were moved to 9 p.m. This meant that my liberal mother had already had her vodka when the show aired. After a drink, she can become quite passionate about politics. During the show, my i...

Chuck Todd pushes back on Jake Tapper’s ban of GOPers who challenged 2020 elezione: ‘You’ve got to be careful

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During an interview with Mediaite published on Thursday, Todd was asked to weigh in on the controversy over Tapper's apparent blacklisting of pro-Trump Republicans he has deemed "election liars." "I think you’ve got...

Books that touched on race were among the most challenged as inappropriate for libraries in 2020

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Books that talked about racism and racial justice -- or told the stories of people of color or the LGBTQ community -- were among the most challenged as inappropriate for students in 2020, according to a survey by th...

Biden challenged over claims about background checks at gun shows

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The president stated that a person could purchase "whatever you want" when it comes to guns without a background check if they are at a gun show. BIDEN ANNOUNCES SLATE OF GUN CONTROL ACTIONS, CLAIMS 'PUBLIC HEALTH CR...

Man who challenged Kelli Ward in AZ GOP chair race requests an audit

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Kelli Ward, the chair of the Arizona Republican Party who promoted President Donald Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud in the 2020 elezione, now faces an audit on her own recent electoral victory. Sergio Arellan...

The girl who challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle is co-writing a song to perform with the Foo Fighters

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The 10-year-old UK girl who challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle three months ago is now co-writing a song to someday perform with the Foo Fighters front man and his band. Nandi Bushell, the young multi-instrument...