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July 4th politics: Hassan charges her GOP challengers in battleground New Hampshire are ‘extreme opponents’

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But Independence Day is also a great day for politicians to campaign. And Hassan, a former governor and first-term senator who’s being targeted by Republicans as she faces a potentially challenging reelection this y...

Los retadores respaldados por Trump podrían sacudir a Carolina del Sur como Nevada, Maine y Dakota del Norte también votan en las primarias del martes

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La influencia del expresidente Donald Trump con los republicanos se enfrentará a otra dura prueba el martes por la noche en las primarias de todo el país., pero habrá mucho en juego inusualmente alto en dos carreras de la Cámara de Representantes de EE. UU. en Carolina del Sur, quién y dónde...

Cruz’s Supreme Court victory a win for the small-town challengers to career politicians, el senador dice

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In FEC v. Cruz for Senate, the court decided 6-3 in Cruz' favor, striking down a law limiting the amount of money raised by a candidate can be used after an election for the candidate to repay loans he personally mad...

Gobernador de Ohio. Mike DeWine enters primary day the favorite to defeat Trump-aligned GOP challengers

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Gobernador de Ohio. Mike DeWine appears poised to fend off his Republican challengers in the state's gubernatorial primary, with significant leads in recent polling and fundraising -- and a pair of Donald Trump acolytes in fo...

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Judge blocks Navy vaccine policy for legal challengers citing religious objections

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Washington A federal judge in Texas on Monday ruled against the Biden administration's vaccine requirement for members of the military in a decision that took aim at how the Navy's policies handled those who sought r...

Quadarella is among Ledecky’s few challengers for Tokyo

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Simona Quadarella is your typical 22-year-old Italian. She’s also one of the few swimmers capable of challenging American standout Katie Ledecky in the longest pool races at the Tokyo Olympics. "She’s impulsive....