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China enfrenta desafíos políticos a medida que aumenta el número de muertos por covid

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Hong Kong Durante dos años, El Partido Comunista de China ha impuesto un costoso régimen de estrictas cuarentenas fronterizas, bloqueos rápidos, y seguimiento digital masivo al servicio de un único objetivo: Cero casos de covid. Y Pekín po...

Federal court dismisses challenges to Texas abortion law’s private enforcement provision

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Los Estados Unidos. 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent the legal challenge against the six-week abortion ban back to the state Supreme Court with orders to dismiss all challenges. "Having received the ruling of the Texas S...

Farms face long-term challenges as production costs continue to skyrocket, fifth-generation farmer says

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"It’s going to be a very expensive year for farmers," Chris Pollack, co-owner of Pollack Vu-Dairy, dicho "We are going to the field with very expensive tools in our toolbox." "Fertilizer right now is double what it wa...

Senate Democrats face many challenges this midterm cycle. Money isn’t one of them.

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Washington Democratic Senate candidates in five of the six most crucial 2022 races are heading into the final months of the campaign with dramatically more cash in the bank than their would-be Republican opponents, a...

Bucs’ Rob Gronkowski challenges The Rock to WrestleMania matchup

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The former Patriots and Buccaneers tight end said he’d like to face off against, or alongside, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at WrestleMania. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Sep 26, 2021; Inglewood, Cali...

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'Ese es el ataque más perezoso'

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'Ese es el ataque más perezoso', 'Ese es el ataque más perezoso', 'Ese es el ataque más perezoso'. Dulce imprescindible de Fran Fraschilla, 'Ese es el ataque más perezoso'.

Texas Supreme Court further limits challenges to state’s restrictive abortion law

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The Texas Supreme Court on Friday issued a ruling that effectively foreclosed the last avenue abortion clinics had to challenge the state's six-week limit on abortions in their current federal litigation. This stag...

Robert Spalding details challenges to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine

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ROBERT SPALDING: For the aircraft involved, most of the risks would be where are you going to deploy, out of what airfields are going to use? Además, you need tankers, so those are typically pretty large aircraf...

Students and recent grads describe challenges of being a young conservative

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"Being a young conservative is really hard nowadays," said Madeline, a student at Ohio Northern University. "You really have to have a lot of guts to put up a big fight. You're fighting not only your peers, but also ...

Democrats in Texas confront twin challenges of pandemic and restrictive new voting law

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Austin, Texas When Texas kicks off the 2022 election calendar with its primaries on Tuesday, the state will offer the first glimpse at how Democrats are confronting two challenges the party will face across the count...

Here’s where the 1619 Project is gaining traction and facing challenges in the US

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El miércoles, the free expression nonprofit PEN America told Fox News Digital that it had counted 22 bills targeting the 1619 Project in different states since January 2021. Mientras 14 of those are currently pending, s...

Dr. Oz challenges ‘petty tyrantFauci to a debate in ‘Kilmeade Show’ entrevista

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FAUCI: REPORTS OF MILDER COVID VARIANT SHOULDN'T BE TAKEN AS SIGNAL US CAN LESSEN RESTRICTIONS DR. ONZ: He is the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. He's a petty tyrant that has had all kinds of interactions with the m...

Pregnant cop challenges Boston Dem mayor over vaccine mandates: ‘Take full responsibility

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Gianna Mulane, 37, is a police officer with the City of Boston Patrolmen union. Ella es 30 weeks pregnant and cites fertility, a lack of long-term study and health concerns as reasons why she refuses to take the vacci...

MacCallum desafía al líder de NY BLM en medio de una disputa con el alcalde entrante: "No arrojes" el privilegio blanco’ a mi’

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Adams dijo a principios de esta semana que no "Rendición" a "los que dicen que quemaremos Nueva York" - que algunos observadores vieron como una referencia a Newsome. Newsome le dijo previamente a Fox News que sus comentarios sobre ....

Biden clams up when Nantucket business owner challenges him to name his favorite chowder

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"Do you prefer Manhattan or New England Clam Chowder?" Sean Dew, co-founder of Nantucket store TownPool, asked Biden on Saturday. "I don’t like either," Biden responded. BIDEN SPOTTED IN NANTUCKET SHOPPING INDOORS ...

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