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DNC member tells CNN Biden shouldn’t run in 2024, says voters are looking for ‘change candidate

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CNN's Erin Burnett noted that Simeonidis is a supporter of President Biden but asked why he doesn't believe the president should run for reelection. The member of the DNC praised the president's actions on ghost guns...

Energy experts sound alarm about US electric grid: ‘Not designed to withstand the impacts of climate change

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As heat ramps up ahead of what forecasters say will be a hotter than normal summer, electricity experts and officials are warning that states may not have enough power to meet demand in the coming months. And many o...

Texas mass shooting: CBS’ Gayle King has tense exchange with Republican congressman: ‘We need change

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Durante un'apparizione su "CBS Mornings," Gonzales was asked about two instances in which he voted against gun reform measures, including one measure that would expand background checks. "Are you rethinking that positi...

Australians voted for stronger action on climate change. Will they get it?

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Brisbane, Australia On his first full day on the job, Australia's new prime minister mentioned the words "cambiamento climatico" four times within two minutes of his maiden international speech. Fresh from election victory...

NY Times op-ed warns that ‘fantasies of regime changecan lead to war with Russia

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"Nuclear weapons are discussed in easy tones, not least on Russian television. The risk of cities being reduced to corium remains low without NATO deployment in Ukraine, but accident and miscalculation cannot be disc...

Kamala Harris distances herself from Biden remark calling for Putin’s removal: ‘We are not into regime change

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Biden generated international headlines after his speech in Warsaw, Polonia, when he told the world in what apparently was an off-script remark that Putin "cannot remain in power." KAMALA HARRIS PANNED FOR OFFERING ‘...

Biden’s ‘regime changespeech worsens Russia-Ukraine crisis, disappoints allies

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"He was not discussing Putin’s power or regime change," ha detto un funzionario della Casa Bianca. Video Too late. With that remark, NOI. relations with Russia plunged into the deep freeze. Il presidente John F. Kennedy never said t...

Atlantic piece slammed for arguing nuclear war would kill millions and ‘prove disastrous for climate change

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"On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Is a Climate Problem," the headline of The Atlantic article read. "A nuclear war would kill tens of millions of people and would also prove disastrous for climate change," a tw...

rappresentante. Gallagher blasts Biden admin for listening to John Kerry, ‘the high priest of climate change

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RICK PERRY: BIDEN'S POLICIES WILL CONTINUE TO DRIVE UP THE COST OF LIVING IN AMERICA MIKE GALLAGHER: If you add on to this absurdity with Russia, the fact that this administration is contemplating reviving the Iran d...

Shaun White si ritira dalle competizioni olimpiche: Shaun White si ritira dalle competizioni olimpiche’

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Di nuovo dentro 2019, Shaun White si ritira dalle competizioni olimpiche 1984 commedia "Shaun White si ritira dalle competizioni olimpiche" Shaun White si ritira dalle competizioni olimpiche.

Hannity weighs in on Joe Rogan controversy: If you don’t like him, ‘change the channel

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During a segment of his show on Monday, Hannity described the mounting demands for Rogan to be canceled as an "all-out attack," after a video compilation of the podcaster using the N-word on his podcast surfaced earl...

The nation’s top health official has been a background player for much of his tenure. He says that’s about to change.

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Stung by accusations that he's been absent during a once-in-a-century public health crisis, Xavier Becerra -- the country's top health official -- tells CNN he's looking to step into a bigger public role as part of ...

La crisi alimentare del Madagascar è stata attribuita al cambiamento climatico. Gli scienziati dicono che è sbagliato

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Il Programma alimentare mondiale delle Nazioni Unite e diverse organizzazioni dei media hanno avvertito che la nazione insulare africana del Madagascar è sull'orlo della prima carestia indotta dal cambiamento climatico al mondo. Ma un nuovo studio dice ...

GOP Rep. fa esplodere i Democratici per la crisi dei confini: "La leadership al Congresso deve cambiare"’

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RAPPRESENTANTE. KATKO: BIDEN 'NON FARE NULLA' PER FERMARE IL FLUSSO DI DROGA ING TRANSFRONTALIERO, UCCIDERE GLI AMERICANI TONY GONZALES: Quello che devono fare è proteggere il nostro confine meridionale e devono proteggerlo da tutti....

Dakota Johnson calls cancel culture ‘a downer’: ‘I do believe that people can change

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L'attrice, 32, has been surrounded by fame her entire life as the child of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, so she's undoubtedly seen careers come and go for a myriad of reasons. Adesso, she's speaking out abo...

Il famoso avversario della CRT dichiara che Youngkin vince un "cambiamento politico"’ e una "enorme perdita per Joy Reid"’

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"Questo è un cambiamento epocale politico," Rufo ha detto a Fox News martedì sera. "Glenn Younkin due mesi fa ha combattuto contro la teoria critica della razza e l'abuso sistematico sanzionato dallo stato dei bambini delle scuole della Virginia, il c...