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Easy, breezybald? James Charles says he’s shaved his head but the Internet isn’t sure

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If there's one thing beauty vlogger James Charles knows really well, it's how to cause a stir. The YouTube star began trending on social media Friday when he shared photos of himself with a bald head, with a bald e...

Charles Barkley is taking heat for his Breonna Taylor comments

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Basketball legend and NBA analyst Charles Barkley is taking some heat following his comments on the grand jury's decision on charges in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. "I don't think this one was like George F...

Former MLB player Charles Haeger found dead after police sought him as a suspect in killing of his ex-girlfriend

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Former MLB player Charles Haeger was found dead in Northern Arizona from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Saturday after police announced they were searching for him as a suspect in the death of his ex-girlfriend i...