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Department of Education ‘waging war’ on charter schools with new regulations, school choice advocate says

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The rule would tighten requirements on charter schools seeking seed money, like proving that there's a demand for a new school and showing how they would ensure diversity. There would also be restrictions on how much...

Last living signer of Canadian constitutional charter of rights sues government over COVID travel ban

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Former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, 79, is the main applicant in a case brought against the federal government by the Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, volgens 'n persverklaring. "...

Former Obama White House adviser pleads guilty to wire fraud for stealing over $200,000 from charter schools he founded

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A former White House adviser to former President Barack Obama pleaded guilty to one federal count of wire fraud for stealing more than $ 200,000 from a charter school network he helped found and attempting to laund...

Parents sue Minnesota charter school alleging racist behavior

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The parents of several Black and biracial students are suing the operator of a Minnesota charter school on behalf of their children, alleging that the school failed to prevent "rassisties, Eric Adams, burgemeester van New York, het Woensdag gesê hy glo die stad se reël wat die Brooklyn Nets-speler Kyrie Irving verbied om in NBA-tuiswedstryde te speel omdat hy nie ingeënt is nie., hurtful and at times d...

'n Onderwyser by 'n huurskool in Noord-Carolina bedank ná bewerings van 'veldslaaf'’ kommentaar aan swart studente

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'n Onderwyser by 'n huurskool in Noord-Carolina het bedank nadat ouers 'n aantal beweerde rassistiese voorvalle aan die lig gebring het, insluitend a "ras-onsensitiewe les" aan Swart studente in September, die skool sê...

Meer as 100 Americans evacuated from Afghanistan on private charter, organizations say

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Meer as 100 US citizens and green card holders and nine special immigrant visa holders were evacuated from Afghanistan via a private charter flight on Tuesday, according to two organizations involved in the effort...

Psaki defends not allowing charter flights from Afghanistan to land at US bases

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According to Psaki, the Biden administration continues to "press the Taliban" over the issue of evacuation flights, many of which contain Americans, not being allowed to leave Afghanistan. "We don't have a role in pr...

Blinken says US ‘working to do everything in our powerto get charter flights out of Afghanistan

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday acknowledged "a fair amount of confusion" around charter flights from Afghanistan and said that the United States government is "working to do everything in our power t...

Blinken says Taliban are blocking charter flights from departing Afghanistan

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The State Department has come under fire for not doing more to pressure the Taliban to allow planes to leave Afghanistan amid reports several planes carrying Americans have been stuck at Mazar-i-Sharif International ...

Staatsdepartement, White House holding up charter planes in Afghanistan, top New Yorker editor says

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"I want to repeat that," hy het gesê. "It is the State Department and the White House" holding up the planes. He said the civilian effort has been "far more ambitious, far more dynamic and far more successful than what t...

Oorlogsveterane fondsinsameling vir private vlugtelinge-huurvlugte: Biden 'het 'n morele verpligting om te help’

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Tyler Merritt en James Miervaldis vertel "Fox News Primetime" Vrydag dat hulle met Afghanen in kontak was "visums in die hand" wat deur die proses gegaan het om die Staatsdepartement te kontak en te wees "skerm...

White House press charter plane delayed by cicadas

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It's a flight delay 17 years in the making. The White House press charter plane scheduled to leave Washington on Tuesday evening ahead of Joe Biden's first trip abroad as president has been delayed by cicadas, die ...

Georgia man claims school trying to prevent use of defunct facility for charter school due to ‘competition

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King Randall joined Lawrence Jones on "Fox News Primetime" to discuss his organization "The X For Boys", and how he believes his organization is doing a better job than government or the media at holding elected lead...

Gretchen Whitmer’s Florida trip: company that flew governor not authorized for charter flights, FAA says

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Whitmer has previously faced scrutiny over the March trip, which she initially lied about taking, and which came after she had cautioned Michigan residents against traveling out of state due to coronavirus concerns. ...

Former Obama White House adviser arrested for allegedly stealing over $200,000 from charter schools he founded

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A former White House senior adviser for the Obama administration who helped found a network of charter schools is accused of allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the schools and attempting to lau...

Australiese Ope: 47 spelers in kwarantyn na positiewe Covid-19-toetse op twee huurvlugte

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Die voorbereidings vir die Australiese Ope het Saterdag 'n groot struikelblok getref 47 spelers is meegedeel dat hulle nie kon oefen of oefen nie nadat sommige passasiers op twee huurvliegtuie wat in Melbourne aangekom het, teruggekeer het..

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