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Australian Open: 47 players In quarantine after positive Covid-19 tests on two charter flights

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Preparations for the Australian Open hit a major stumbling block on Saturday after 47 players were told they couldn't train or practice after some passengers on two charter planes arriving in Melbourne returned posi...

Russell Wilson, Ciara fund charter school in Seattle area

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chiudi Video Fox News Flash principali titoli per ottobre 28 I titoli principali di Fox News Flash sono qui. Controlla cosa sta facendo clic su Football star Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara, the Grammy-winning perfo...

Hong Kong set the bar for charter cities. But it’s not a blueprint that can be transported

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Hong Kong A lush pocket of northeastern Ireland has been identified as the potential site for a new global city to rival Hong Kong. Under property developer Ivan Ko's original plans, the charter city "Nextpolis" wou...