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Ingraham claims Biden administration sees Afghan refugees as ‘cheap labor and easy votes

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"The American people have been voting since 2008 for presidents to stop the never-ending wars in the Middle East – little did anyone know that under Biden, that would just mean bringing our troops home from Afghanist...

TV OT: ‘Ted Lasso’ returns and why am I watching ‘So FreakinCheap’?

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TV OT è uno sguardo settimanale su ciò che il team di intrattenimento della CNN sta guardando poiché troppa televisione ci fa fare tutti gli straordinari. You better believe that "Ted Lasso" was the most anticipated Season 2 debut in my household ...

American Conservative Union accuses NCAA of ‘choosing the cheap routein transgender sports policy

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The NCAA recently reiterated its support for transgender athletes to participate in college sports of their choosing as more than two dozen states considered bills that would bar transgender youth of competing on tea...

Hannity: Democrats want no more policing, ‘looking to score their usual cheap political points

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HANNITY: The left doesn't really want justice, they want revenge. Ufficiale [Kim] Potter's home address was just leaked to the public. That forced law enforcement to erect a fence and guard the property. This comes as ...

Steyn warns of China’s aspirations for global dominance: They’ve reduced America to ‘cheap, service economy

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STEYN: Beijing now has more billionaires than New York City. In the last year, the Chinese capital has overtaken the Big Apple to become the billionaire capital of the world. How’d that happen? Bene, take a look at ...

Here’s where you can score free and cheap tacos for Taco Day

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There is no such thing as too many tacos. And since it's National Taco Day, now's the perfect time to fulfill your intense but not-at-all extreme taco cravings. Here's where you can indulge the gluttonous glory of f...