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Rossi’ Graham Ashcraft told to remove wedding ring during substance check

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Ashcraft was wearing the band on his left hand which hides in his glove when he pitches. The Reds were playing the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday when he got told to take the jewelry off. He said the umpire told him t...

Verifica dei fatti: Democratic commentators falsely claim Mehmet Oz isn’t registered to vote in Pennsylvania

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Washington Republican candidate Mehmet Oz is being criticized on social media with a false claim that he is not registered to vote in Pennsylvania, the state he is running to represent in the US Senate. The surgeon a...

Verifica dei fatti: Herschel Walker falsely claims he never falsely claimed he graduated from University of Georgia

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Herschel Walker, the former football star who is now the Republican nominee for a US Senate seat in Georgia, is piling dishonesty upon dishonesty on the subject of his college education. In dicembre, Walker's campai...

Biden thinks student loan borrowers deserve a blank check from taxpayers

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Nearly every pandemic relief program has expired as the economy, which the president repeatedly touts as growing at the fastest pace in four decades, recovers and COVID restrictions move further into the rearview mir...

Is your ISP throttling your speeds? Ecco come controllare

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Primo, make sure it's not just you. When I'm unsure if slow speeds or timeouts are part of a bigger issue, I hit Down Detector to see if others are reporting the same problem. Tap or click for a direct link and a few...

Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà".’ Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà".

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"., Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà". 2020, Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà".. Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"., Kilmeade prevede che Elon Musk sarà il "controllo della realtà"..

Event planner Lauren Pazienza’s mom bailed her out with a $500K check: Secondo un rapporto di polizia ottenuto da

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Pazienza, 26, was arrested last week for what authorities called the unprovoked attack on 87-year-old Barbara Gustern in Chelsea. A judge ordered her held on $ 500,000 cash over $ 1,000,000 legame. Lauren P...

Florida amusement park visitors in shock after seeing teenager fall off ride: ‘Did you check him?’

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Tyree Sampson, 14, fell off of the Free Fall ride at Orlando's Icon park on Thursday night. After falling off the ride, one person is heard in the video asking, "Did you check him?" "si. The light was on," one per...

È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano: 5 È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano

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È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano, È stato segnalato un altro giornalista americano. Anche prima che le forze russe attraversassero il confine, Anche prima che le forze russe attraversassero il confine. Anche prima che le forze russe attraversassero il confine.

PA Republican Senate candidate McCormick calls Putin ‘tyrantwho ‘needs to be kept in check

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che potrebbe creare un mal di testa per la Casa Bianca, a West Point graduate and Gulf War combat veteran who served as a Treasury Department official in former President George W. Bush's administration, told Fox News in an interview in Orlando, Florida, the da...

An 8-year-old boy snuck a book he wrote on a library shelf. Ci sono più di 100 people waiting to check it out

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An imaginative boy who loves comic books now has a graphic novel of his own on the shelves of his local library. Dillon Helbig, 8, wrote a Christmas book and snuck it into the library's stacks in Boise, Idaho, il suo ...

Verifica dei fatti: Jim Acosta’s CNN special didn’t reach ‘millions and millions’ of people despite on-air claim

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The ratings-challenged network has experimented with different options at 9 p.m. since it was forced to terminate Chris Cuomo last year. Questa settimana, Acosta is occupying the time slot with a special, "Democracy in Peri...

Verifica dei fatti: Five enduring lies about the Capitol insurrection

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Washington The Capitol insurrection was based on a lie about the 2020 elezione. And for a whole year now, the insurrection itself has been lied about. Donald Trump supporters' violent attack on the Capitol has been ...

La CNN consente a Glenn Kessler del Washington Post di vantarsi del massimo controllo dei fatti 2021 nonostante sia ampiamente deriso

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Il pezzo più popolare dell'anno di Kessler, "No, i talebani non hanno sequestrato $ 85 miliardi di Stati Uniti. Armi," ha affermato di sfatare l'Aug . dell'ex presidente Trump. 30 commenta che "ogni centesimo di $ 85 miliardi di dollari in co...

Before you download one more app, you must check this list first

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There are also those forgotten apps I downloaded and only used once or twice. I know you have them too. Before you hit "uninstall," there's a crucial step you need to take. Tap or click for the right way to delete ap...