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Border Patrol agents in Texas discover migrants smuggled inside toolboxes at checkpoint

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El Paso Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez said a "ruthless smuggler" had locked the migrants in the metal toolboxes and were transporting them in "extreme summer heat."

Madison Cawthorn cited for loaded handgun found at TSA checkpoint

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Charlotte Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina was cited for bringing a loaded handgun through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, authori...

Joint Base Andrews placed on lockdown after vehicle drives through security checkpoint; 1 suspect at large

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The vehicle was stopped after the 316th Security Forces Group deployed barriers at the main gate of the base around 9 p.m. At least two people fled the vehicle, and one of them was apprehended. "We can confirm that t...

Stranded in Kabul: Americani, LPRs, SIVs stopped at Taliban checkpoint

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Come gli Stati Uniti. carried out airstrikes against an ISIS-K vehicle suspected of carrying suicide bombers Sunday morning, Fox News obtained a video showing a group of Americans, special immigration visa applicants and legal...

Border Patrol K-9 team finds 67 lbs of meth at immigration checkpoint

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Agents seized 42 packages of the narcotic on Saturday morning at approximately 6:45 a.m. PT. DHS RELEASES IMAGES OF EMPTY BORDER PATROL FACILITY AS CHILD MIGRANTS MOVE TO HHS SHELTERS In an email to Fox News on Wed...