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Jonathan Turley: Supreme Court sides with cheerleader — 8-1 ruling a great victory for free speech

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The fact is that popular speech rarely needs protection. In the case of Brandi Levy, the cheerleader in Mahonoy v. B.L, she was denied the right to swear a blue streak after being rejected for the varsity squad at Ma...

Ex-Washington cheerleader says NFL is ‘using us and our anonymity to shieldthe league by not issuing report

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Coburn, who came forward about her experiences while working as a cheerleader, disagrees. RAIDERS’ MARK DAVIS CALLS FOR NFL TO RELEASE REPORT ON WFT INVESTIGATION, TAKES DIG OVER GRUDEN SCANDAL "I think it’s co...

KYK: Indiana cheerleader embodies everything that is March Madness

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Less than two minutes into the second half of Indiana’s loss to St. Mary’s, the game ball became wedged between the backboard and the shot clock (which is about the closest an Indiana shot came to the rim all night.)...

Supreme Court set to hear major school speech case after cheerleader booted from squad over Snapchat post

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The dispute stems from Snapchat posts by a high school sophomore after she did not make a varsity cheer team. But it could have implications for tens of millions of students nationwide, and to what extent schools are...

Karol Markowicz: Biden’s at the beach as crises mount and our cheerleader media shrugs

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After yet another weekend out of sight, Americans should be wondering if our president even wants the job. Joe Biden’s campaign was famous for calling early "lids," that is sending his traveling press home for the d...

Purdue cheerleader belly flops into puddle as rain pours

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As rain poured and puddled on the sideline at Ross-Ade Stadium, the Purdue mascot dared the cheerleader to jump into the water. The cheerleader launched into a full-extension belly flop. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT CO ...

Former Washington cheerleader believes owner Dan Snyder was behind Gruden email leak, pushes for transparency

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Melanie Coburn is a wife, moeder, and business owner but she has now seemingly taken on the role as a voice for the voiceless. Vir 14 years she worked as a member of the Washington Football Team cheerleading squad wh...

Colorado enshrines ‘fundamental rightto abortion; Biden cheerleader Rubin ‘deeplyworried for Dems

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NAZI-SOVIET PACT 2.0 – Sino-Russia pact signals that we are at a major negative inflection point in international relations that is a long time in coming. Continue reading … KANSAS WINS! - Kansas defeated North Carol...