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Joe dop: This is exhibit A of how desperate liberal media ‘cheerleadershave become

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE WRITER: OPPOSING JOE BIDEN IS SUPPORTING AUTHORITARIANISM JOE CONCHA: The writer’s name is Jonathan Chait and he appears to be screaming to conform to one side, one political team or be labeled anti...

Russian hockey team drops cheerleaders after wives got jealous

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Former Bars Angels leader Rigina Barieva — who departed before the club relieved its cheerleaders — claimed team officials were concerned about the players’ wives being jealous and upset over the Bar Angels’ presence...

Supreme Court justices grapple with school speech case over cheerleader’s profane Snapchat post

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The dispute stems from Snapchat posts by then-high school sophomore Brandi Levy, which said "F--- school f--- softball f--- cheer f--- everything." Levy's lawyer argued that the critical Supreme Court precedent Tink...