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Biden administration launches roadmap to tackle pollution from widely used ‘forever chemicals

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The White House on Monday announced a new plan to combat pollution from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), chemicals that can cause severe health problems and linger in the environment after being released....

SI Swimsuit model Camille Kostek dishes on her healthy habits: ‘I don’t count calories, I count chemicals

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model recently took to her Instagram Stories and detailed to her followers how she stays in shape all year long. "I get asked A LOT about my diet, what I eat in a day, what my restrict...

Five people missing after explosion rocks German chemicals site

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BerlinFive people were missing and several injured after an explosion rocked an industrial park in the western German city of Leverkusen on Tuesday, sending up plumes of smoke and prompting police to ask nearby resid...

Wendy’s to remove potentially harmful chemicals from food packaging

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Wendy’s is banning per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from consumer-facing food packaging. The restaurant has pledged to eliminate the potentially harmful chemicals from wrappers, containers and the like acro...

Toxic chemicals are strewn along the seafloor off the coast of Los Angeles, expedition finds

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A recent expedition mapping the seafloor between Los Angeles and Santa Catalina Island found tens of thousands of items likely polluting the ocean with the toxic chemical DDT for decades, according to a news release...

DOJ beskuldig die man wat na bewering chemikalieë by polisiebeamptes in onluste in Capitol gespuit het

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The Justice Department has charged a Texas man who was allegedly caught on video attacking a dozen police officers with a chemical spray during the Capitol insurrection, volgens hofrekords. Federal prosecut...

Chemikalieë in plastiek beskadig babas’ brein en moet onmiddellik verban word, kundige groep sê

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Sintetiese chemikalieë wat ftalate genoem word, beskadig die breinontwikkeling van kinders en moet dus onmiddellik van verbruikersprodukte verban word, volgens 'n groep wetenskaplikes en gesondheidswerkers van Proje ...