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Police in Texas kill a man who fired his weapon inside a gym hosting a children’s summer camp

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A man who fired his weapon into a room where children were attending a summer camp just outside Dallas was shot and killed by police on Monday, según las autoridades. Police arrived at the Duncanville Fieldhouse...

FBI director blames Iran for ‘despicableattempted cyberattack on Boston Children’s Hospital

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Iranian government-backed hackers were behind an attempted hack of the Boston Children's Hospital computer network last year, FBI Director Christopher Wray alleged Wednesday, llamándolo "one of the most despicable c...

‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honeyturns children’s classic into horror

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This isn't your childhood Winnie the Pooh. Horror fans are buzzing about an apparent forthcoming film which looks to take the children's story and makes it way more scary. There are scant details about the film, Dibujando condena por la declaración históricamente analfabeta.

Mitch McConnell, religion mocked, AOC praised in ‘wokechildren’s book: Reporte

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"What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood," a book that has reportedly made its way into New York City public schools, is garnering criticism from parents and critics for allegedly slamming religion and ta...

My children’s picky eating is overtaking mealtime

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CNN's Chloe Melas will discuss how parents can cope with picky eaters at 7:45 soy. ET Saturday on HLN's "Weekend Express With Susan Hendricks." "Who wants spaghetti?" I call out to my children as I peer into our pan...

CDC probing mysterious liver disease suspected in children’s deaths

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About two dozen states reported suspected cases after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out a call for doctors to be on the lookout for surprising cases of hepatitis. The cases date back to late Octo...

Children’s book about Rush Limbaugh aims to teach kids importance of First Amendment

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"We started Heroes of Liberty about a year ago, and it was because we saw a hole in the marketplace. We saw that this was a need that wasn't being filled," Heroes of Liberty editor Bethany Mandel told Fox News Digita...

Psaki fights back tears over Florida’s parental rights bill, says it’s hurting children’s ‘lives

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"I’m going to get emotional about this issue because it’s horrible," Psaki said on Jessica Yellin’s "News Not Noise" podcast while fighting back tears discussing the Florida legislation recently signed into law by Fl...

Wild’s Ryan Hartman routes donations for fine to children’s fund

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The Wild center was fined $ 4,250 by the league for unsportsmanlike conduct in the game on Tuesday against Edmonton, stemming from a fight with Oilers left wing Evander Kane. After the scrap was over and the two wer...

Reps. Michael Waltz pens children’s book to combat liberal agenda: ‘We need to take our kids’ education back’

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"I wrote the book because in the wake of what we've seen with COVID and COVID lockdowns exposing so much of the garbage that's now being taught to our kids, in the wake of what we saw with the backlash in Virginia, w ...

Missouri attorney general works to bring ‘transparencyto children’s curricula, ’empower’ padres

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ERIC SCHMITT: You've got the oppression matrix that whistleblowers have brought forward, where students are divided by the oppressor and the oppressed. A white supremacy pyramid where if you believe that people shoul...

Disney injecting queerness into children’s programming: Chris Rufo

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The company is "deliberately trying to take programming that goes from even ages two to seven years old and inject queerness into that programming," he told host Tucker Carlson. "They're trying to really make all of ...

Facilities manager killed in Florida mosque attack hailed as hero, credited with saving children’s lives

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Authorities are hailing the facilities manager at a Florida mosque as a hero who gave his life and potentially saved children at the center's school and daycare. Seminole County deputies responded early Thursday mo...

Lo que realmente dicen los libros infantiles a los que Ted Cruz hizo referencia en la audiencia de confirmación de Ketanji Brown Jackson

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Lo que realmente dicen los libros infantiles a los que Ted Cruz hizo referencia en la audiencia de confirmación de Ketanji Brown Jackson. Lo que realmente dicen los libros infantiles a los que Ted Cruz hizo referencia en la audiencia de confirmación de Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Texas doctor sues after children’s hospital halts cross-sex hormones, ‘puberty blockers

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Lopez claims that UTSW Medical Center abruptly stopped providing the services to new patients in Nov. 2021, and she claims the new policy violates the university's non-discrimination policy, along with Texas law. CON...

Peta Murgatroyd cries over Ukraine children’s deaths, says husband Maksim Chmerkovskiy is ‘home for now

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy's wife took to Instagram Wednesday to inform her nearly 1 million followers that she has been "struggling to get through some days" as Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate. Speaking ...

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