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Bill Cosby ruling could have chilling effect on survivors, sexual assault victim advocates say

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"It is incredibly disappointing. It is shocking that someone could have committed so many sexual assaults and get away with it because of a procedural decision," Scott Berkowitz, the president of the Rape, Abuse &...

El sindicato de California Cypress College afirma que el despido de un profesor anti policía tuvo un "efecto escalofriante"’ sobre seguridad en el trabajo

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Ella hizo el reclamo, ante una clase virtual de estudiantes de segundo año, esa llamada 911 durante una invasión armada a su casa en realidad pondría aún más su vida en peligro. "United Faculty se solidariza con todas nuestras facultades..

Chilling surveillance footage shows alleged San Jose gunman moments before deadly shooting

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The suspected shooter, 57-year-old Samuel Cassidy, can be seen in the surveillance footage wearing safety clothing, a hat, and a mask as he leaves his house around 5:40 soy. The footage shows him loading a large duff...

Chilling video shows NYC killer gun down 21-year-old in deli

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In the chilling 14-second surveillance video, the killer, wearing a white tank-top T-shirt, denim shorts and sneakers and a shoulder bag, emerges from the back of the BH gourmet Deli in Fordham just after 4 pm. Frid...

Colorado cop killer’s chilling words revealed: ‘My goal today is to kill Arvada PD officers’

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The remarks were contained in a four-page letter seething with hatred for police officers. The existence of the letter had confirmed by a source to FOX 31 of Denver earlier in the week but Friday was the first time t...

Ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee warns America, praises Taliban in chilling video

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Ibrahim al Qosi, 60, pled guilty in 2010 to providing support for terrorism and al Qaeda in exchange for repatriation in 2012. He started to appear in al Qaeda videos just three years after his return. The newest vi...

Facebook blasted for censoring report on BLM co-founder’s pricey real estate: ‘It is chilling’

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"This story around Black Lives Matter, we’re talking about four homes valued at $ 3 millón, the head of New York City’s Black Lives Matter chapter is calling for an investigation," Fox News contributor Joe Concha s...

La radio de primeros auxilios de Florida muestra momentos escalofriantes cuando los rescatistas se apresuraron al derrumbe del edificio de Surfside

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Las grabaciones detallan las comunicaciones entre los despachadores., unidades de materiales peligrosos, Bomberos y socorristas médicos de emergencia que se apresuraron a evaluar los daños y liberar a tantos supervivientes como pudieron del Campeón derrumbado..

Irán publica escalofriante video falso que muestra el Capitolio de los EE. UU.

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Las imágenes que muestran la sede de la democracia estadounidense envuelta en llamas se filtraron el domingo en la televisión controlada por el estado, antes de que el ayatolá Ali Khamenei pronunciara un discurso alabando a la unidad de élite., según el Washington Free B ...

Maryland Navy sailor enter business after being shot, chilling surveillance video shows

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Authorities said Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, 38, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, began shooting a rifle at an office park before driving 10 minutes away to Fort Detrick, where he was killed by personnel. Moments after the ...

Nancy Grace examines possible motive in Dallas kidnapping, murder shown in chilling home surveillance video

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The footage from a baby monitoring system, exclusively obtained by the, shows Darriynn Brown, allegedly breaking into a Dallas home and taking Cash Gernon in the early Saturday morning hours. Gernon had...

NYPD releases chilling video of NYC home break-in amid historic crime wave

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The break-in happened June 24 justo antes 1:15 soy. in the vicinity of Central Park West and West 89th Street, the NYPD says. A home surveillance camera shows the suspect creeping across the foyer of the residence w...

Record 43-year sentence for insulting Thai monarchy sends a chilling message to activists

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Bangkok A 43-year prison sentence given to a woman by a Thai court for insulting the monarchy could be seen as a "warning shot" to protesters demanding reform in the kingdom, according to analysts. The sentence passe...

Seattle mayor says Barr’s suggestions to charge her are ‘chilling

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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Wednesday said a report that Attorney General William Barr suggested prosecutors consider filing charges against her are "chilling and the latest abuse of power from the Trump administr...

Su. Cotton on chilling warning by China: Xi waging Cold War and ‘Biden is losing

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TAIWAN WILL NOT START WAR WITH CHINA, TOP MILITARY OFFICIAL SAYS TOM COTTON: It is strong language from China's propaganda outlets, and it's matched by their actions. They've been flying into Taiwan's airspace more a...

Son of Sam murderer David Berkowitz’s ‘last victim’ revealed in chilling Netflix documentary

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New York City — on the verge of bankruptcy and reeling from a blackout and the reign of terror created by this murderous madman — breathed a sigh of relief: They got their guy. But the Son of Sam slayer — who shot an...

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