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Maryland Navy sailor enter business after being shot, chilling surveillance video shows

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Authorities said Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, 38, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, began shooting a rifle at an office park before driving 10 minutes away to Fort Detrick, where he was killed by personnel. Moments after the ...

Seattle mayor says Barr’s suggestions to charge her are ‘chilling

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Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Wednesday said a report that Attorney General William Barr suggested prosecutors consider filing charges against her are "chilling and the latest abuse of power from the Trump administr...

Record 43-year sentence for insulting Thai monarchy sends a chilling message to activists

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Bangkok A 43-year prison sentence given to a woman by a Thai court for insulting the monarchy could be seen as a "warning shot" to protesters demanding reform in the kingdom, according to analysts. The sentence passe...

その. 中国による冷え込み警告の綿: 冷戦を繰り広げている西と「バイデンは負けている’

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台湾は中国との戦争を開始しません, トップミリタリーオフィシャルはトムコットンと言います: それは中国の宣伝機関からの強い言葉です, そしてそれは彼らの行動と一致しています. 彼らは台湾の空域にもっと飛んでいます。.

Nancy Grace examines possible motive in Dallas kidnapping, murder shown in chilling home surveillance video

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The footage from a baby monitoring system, exclusively obtained by the DailyMail.com, shows Darriynn Brown, allegedly breaking into a Dallas home and taking Cash Gernon in the early Saturday morning hours. Gernon had...

Taliban commit ‘house-to-house executionsin Kabul after US exit as chilling audio demonstrates Afghans’ 恐れ

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An Afghan man who worked with Americans on the ground provided Fox News with the chilling audio featuring distant gunshots. "I think there's a conflict between the Taliban, I have no idea where I'm located. From ever...

Iran releases chilling fake video showing US Capitol blow up after attack

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The footage showing the seat of American democracy engulfed in flames was leaked Sunday on state-controlled TV — before Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gave a speech praising the elite unit, according to the Washington Free B...


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容疑者の射手, 57-1歳のサミュエル・キャシディ, 安全服を着た監視映像で見られる, 帽子, そして彼が家を出るときのマスク 5:40 午前. 映像は、彼が大きなダフを積んでいるところを示しています...

コロラドの警官殺し屋の身も凍るような言葉が明らかに: 「今日の私の目標は、アルヴァダPD役員を殺すことです」

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発言は警察官への憎悪を煽る4ページの手紙に含まれていました. 手紙の存在はFOXへの情報源によって確認されました 31 週の初めにデンバーの、しかし金曜日は初めてでした。.

Facebook blasted for censoring report on BLM co-founder’s pricey real estate: ‘It is chilling’

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"This story around Black Lives Matter, we’re talking about four homes valued at $ 3 百万, the head of New York City’s Black Lives Matter chapter is calling for an investigation," Fox News contributor Joe Concha s...


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コーディネーター間の詳細な通信の記録, 危険物ユニット, 被害を評価し、崩壊したチャンピオンからできるだけ多くの生存者を解放するために急いでいた消防士と救急医療応答者。.


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身も凍るような14秒の監視ビデオ, キラー, 白いタンクトップTシャツを着ています, デニムのショートパンツとスニーカー、ショルダーバッグ, 直後にフォードハムのBHグルメデリの後ろから出てきます 4 午後. 平和...

California Cypress College union claims firing of anti-cop professor had ‘chilling effecton workplace safety

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She made the claim, before a virtual class of sophomore students, that calling 911 during an armed home invasion would actually further put her life in danger. "United Faculty stands in solidarity with all our facul...


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侵入は6月に起こった 24 直前 1:15 午前. セントラルパークウェストとウェスト89thストリートの近く, NYPDは言う. 自宅の監視カメラは、容疑者が住居のロビーを横切って忍び寄っているのを示しています。.


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ニューヨーク市—破産の危機に瀕し、停電とこの殺人狂人によって引き起こされた恐怖政治の支配から—は安堵のため息をついた: 彼らは彼らの男を手に入れました. しかし、サムの息子の殺害者—誰が撃ったのか。.

Bill Cosby ruling could have chilling effect on survivors, sexual assault victim advocates say

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"It is incredibly disappointing. It is shocking that someone could have committed so many sexual assaults and get away with it because of a procedural decision," Scott Berkowitz, the president of the Rape, Abuse &...

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