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COVID-19 issues complicate NFL games and Pro Picks choices

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Those issues begin with Thursday night's prime-time and big-time matchup in the AFC West between the Chiefs (9-4) and Chargers (8-5). Kansas City, which has won six straight games to move atop the division it has dom...

What is the healthiest fish to eat? The best choices for you and the planet

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We're all trying to make healthier choices, but when it comes to fish, is one type truly better than another? Nutritionally, there's no wrong choice when it comes to seafood as a food group. "As an animal source, esso...

Psaki si arrabbia con un giornalista per una domanda sull'aborto, La fede di Biden: 'Non hai mai affrontato quelle scelte’

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Owen Jensen, un giornalista con EWTN, una rete di notizie cattolica, ha chiesto a Psaki durante il suo briefing quotidiano con la stampa perché il presidente sostiene l'aborto "quando la sua stessa fede cattolica insegna che l'aborto è moralmente sbagliato." Democratici P...

Kristi Noem: Sturgis rally in South Dakota about ‘personal choices’ over government mandates

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FAUCI TELLS STURGIS MOTORCYCLE RALLY ATTENDEES HEALTH CRISIS ‘SUPERSEDES’ NEED TO DO ‘WHAT YOU WANT TO’ GOV. KRISTI NOEM: I think it’s interesting that this side, this political party, i Democratici, who embrace gett...

Cruz on bill to ban vaccine passports: Health choices are for individuals, not the government or your boss

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Cruz introduced a bill banning vaccine passports, which includes prohibiting the Biden administration from mandating vaccines and discrimination in employment. HOUSE JUDICIARY, OVERSIGHT REPUBLICANS LAUNCH INVESTIG...

Indians players ‘free to make their own choices and decisionsafter pitcher’s anti-vaccine post, GM says

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Antonetti addressed Karinchak’s social media post from early April. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . "The vast majority of our players and staff opted for the vaccine and continue to follow the protocols aroun...

Ben Carson reacts to fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant: need to give police ‘more choices

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BEN CARSON: Bene, this is an area where the media plays a role. The way that they emphasize or de-emphasize things. They can take something that's extremely rare like an officer like Chauvin, who is way off the end o...

Gli ospedali di Houston fanno scelte difficili durante la micidiale tempesta invernale

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Dallo scoppio dei tubi ai ritardi per i pazienti in dialisi il cui trattamento può attendere, un paio di ospedali della comunità di Houston venerdì hanno lottato con problemi di acqua ed elettricità derivanti da temperature gelide e tempeste invernali. ...

A Dallas school assignment asked students to write about a modern-day hero. The Kenosha shooter was among the choices

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A class assignment at a Dallas high school asking students to potentially defend the suspected Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooter as a hero is drawing complaints from students and parents. The two-part assignment was given...